Come And Join Our Writing Team

Secjuice is a volunteer led writers collective focused on promoting emerging writers and their writing in a professional way, across different social platforms for free. We provide a platform for those with a story to tell, knowledge to share, or an experience that we can all learn from.

We also work with non native English speakers to help them better prepare their articles before publication and work to secure our writers in freelance writing roles, enabling some of them to earn an income from their passion.

If you are a new or emerging writer, work with us to raise your profile, polish your articles and present your work in the best possible light and support Secjuice in championing the work of others.

If you are a professional operating in our space we welcome your contributions, we are happy to republish the stories that you may have written elsewhere and will help you build out an audience on Medium.

We are looking for volunteers who can work with some of our emerging and non-native English speaking writers, mentoring them to produce the stories they have to tell and helping them with their written English.

We are always eternally grateful for any follows and claps you send our way.

I remember reading once that “you must first help enough other people get what they want, before you can get what you want out of life” and I see Secjuice as paying homage to that sentiment.

Helping people become writers feels good.

Reach out to @secjuice on Twitter or for a conversation with us. We will always have time to talk to you about your writing and if you want to hire an infosec writer, then get in touch!

Guise Bule
Founding Editor