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What is Native Browser Isolation?

Rick Deacon
Feb 1, 2018 · 2 min read

I have gotten a number of questions about what Native Browser Isolation is. We use the term to describe Apozy NoHack, which stops web-based attacks such as malware downloads, phishing, crypto-miners, and malicious advertising.

Native Browser Isolation was derived from the Remote Browser Isolation market segment. Traditional browser isolation creates a “remote browser” by streaming all browsing activity to end point machines. “This approach utilizes a remote virtual browser as the means to separate the actual web browsing experience from the endpoint device.”

The difference between remote browser isolation and NoHack’s Native Browser Isolation is that NoHack relies on technology that is already built into the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE Edge) to deliver a sandboxed, safe environment. Specifically, it employs CSP headers to make malicious pages “read-only”.

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How Apozy NoHack alerts of malicious pages.

The use of built-in tech requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, and most importantly, no broken sites. Native isolation also provides more bang for the buck, as remote browser isolation implementations are often not cost effective for companies without behemoth budgets.

Native Browser Isolation allows you to look behind SSL and discover anomalous behavior without the need to break SSL. Remote browser isolation data provides limited data. The “walled garden” of SSL remains hidden and user correlation is difficult.

We use native technology for NoHack because it scales from 2 employees to 200,000 with zero hassle and protects everyone from web-borne threats in a cost-effective manner. All the while, providing critically important data which is normally inaccessible.

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