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Introducing our CEO

Second Earth Labo
Second Earth
4 min readAug 10, 2018


In the Second Earth (2E) universe, there is a lot going on…:
Our crew is designing art, programming our VR spaces and spreading the word about our work. For this kind of diverse work, we need a diverse bunch of people!
Introducing one of our colourful bunch, find out more about our well-loved CEO, Eoin, who will talk not only talk a bit about himself, but also about VR and his view on the project.

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Hi Eoin, we’d like to get to know you! How about you tell us a few things about yourself?

My name is Eoin McKeogh, as my name might show I am Irish. I am the CEO of Second Earth Labo. I mostly give direction to the company, make people laugh at stupid jokes, and ask people how to use the printer.

If there is one thing I have always been crazy about it is music. I could not survive without it. I can barely tie my shoelaces without my inner monologue turning to Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, Metallica, tame impala, mgmt, broken bells, the Rolling Stones, the kinks, glen Campbell, Joe cocker, harry Belafonte, the Dubliners, Tommy James, frank Valli, suchmos, the pillows, radwimps, bobby caldwell, justice, daft punk, air, dr hook, the editors… the list goes on. I love Spotify.

The Second Earth team is — in many ways — quite diverse.
Who on the team would you like to swap places with for a day?

I would love to swap places with one of the multilinguals on my team. Having an extra language provides so much insight into how we express things, it tells as much about ourselves as it does about the content of the message. The subtleties of nuance and implied meanings based on the language at play fascinate me. So to have three added lens through which to view the world around me, and also to introspect with, the thought of that is amazing for me.

You are currently living and working in Japan. That is quite some way off home! What is the farthest you’ve been away from home?

I think I am the farthest I have ever been from home right now. On a Cartesian plane that is my life, the (0,0) would be my home in Maynooth. Placing my base of operations in the Pacific is almost as far as I can be from there for now!

Second Earth is a project that marries VR and blockchain technologies. You hear stories that people like to escape from reality by using VR. Has there been a time when you wished you could dive into VR and escape reality?

There has been so many times I wish I could be in a VR world. Every morning on the train is a reminder of why I’m working on this project.

True! Probably all Tokyoites feel the same as you…. In a perfect world, this problem would be instantly resolved, right? If you were able to build the perfect world, what would you build and why?

In a perfect world I would build better communication. Abstract I know, but slips in communication cost time, money and essentially cause wars. Getting people to communicate and to think critically would change the world.

So then, if you were able to build the perfect VR world, what would you build and why?

In a perfect VR world I would build a school/ one stop shop for education on a number of topics. It would be a VR library for lessons on everything from algebra to Japanese language, to guitar lessons, to computer applications. Class sizes would not be limited. Fees would be low. Access would be easy from anywhere. Management would be simple.

Second Earth aims for many of these features. However, in your own words, what would be your vision for 2E?

My vision for 2E is to create a truly immersive VR universe, that creates unprecedented access to opportunities for all, through reducing waste in all aspects of life and business. Virtual reality, for real solutions.

I think I am blessed to be working on 2E. The goal is large, the steps in front of us have become clear and we have a strong sense of direction and dedication to our long-term goal. Most of all I feel deeply lucky to work with the people I do. The role I play is often to inspire carefully considered movement, and yet I cannot count the days where I have been renewed through just being with the team around me.

Finally, why should people be part of 2E?

If there is any reason to be a part of 2E, it is to be found in the opportunities that it grants to the user. From big businesses that want to cut office rental costs, to the individual that wants to enjoy great immersion in a rewarding community environment. 2E is here to help the individual get what they need with never before seen transparency, value, and of course fun.

If you would like to find out more about Second Earth, check our webpage at second-earth.org and our social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!