Don’t you know that home is where my heart lies, across the ocean into the African skies?

- Miriam Makeba

My name is Yaa Asantewaa Nzingha. Although I was born in America, I have always loved Africa. Even as a child, it was clear that Africa was “my home.” My spirit, my creativity, and my drive stem from knowing who I am, celebrating my ancestors, and recognizing the power encompassed in my DNA.

Therefore, it was only natural that I embarked on a journey that would steer me to the continent of Africa to explore as many countries as possible. During my travels, I came into contact with exquisite clothing, jewelry, art, and amazing food. But what stood out most was the beauty of the people. Not just physical beauty, but a spiritual and tranquil beauty. I always returned from each trip with something unique that kept me connected to Africa.

Friends and family were in awe of the beautiful things that travelled with me across the ocean back to the USA. I found myself increasingly getting requests, not just from close friends but people I met at social and political events, for these precious cultural gems. As the demand grew it lead me to expand on a small clothing and accessory line I already developed called, YAA ASANTEWAA NEW YORK. I wanted the this line to be different, more unique and earthy. With that in mind, the YAA ASANTEWAA NEW YORK…STRAIGHT OUT OF AFRICA COLLECTION was born.

Although an enormous amount of my energy is spent on the collection and my love for Africa, I am also deeply involved with two organizations, The Sekou Odinga Defense Committee and The Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition, two groups that work tirelessly for the release of all US-held political prisoners.