Information Security Professionals: I have a million dollars for you.

Alberto J Azevedo
Apr 20, 2018 · 6 min read

The question I hear the most from the Information Security Professionals that reach me thru LinkedIn, Facebook or Telegram is: What can I do on SecOps — InfoSec Army? It’s amazing that the grow of SecOps has been a lot bigger than we could ever imagine when we were planning it. And keep in mind that our expectations were already high. After having more than 300 professionals from 15 different countries joining the initiative in the first 15 days of its existence, I was thrilled when I was revising our progress last week, and realize that in less than three months SecOps — InfoSec Army operations are already operations in two countries (Brazil and Paraguay) and in Brazil, we are already operating in 4 states and in negotiations to start operations in 6 more in the next months. As for the rest of the world, we are already planning and designing the operations in Spain, India, United States, Canada and Australia. Talk about exceeding expectations!

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Not bad for less then three months huh?

However, with the joy comes the challenges. At first, we were not actively looking for investors. I theory the business model of SecOps — InfoSec Army is self-sustainable, and this game is pretty simple. Investors do not give you money because you have beautiful eyes (nor they should), they invest money expecting to receive money back (of course, no problem there also).

The things is, in a self-sustaining model, every dollar paid for investors, is a dollar less in the pockets of the owners of SecOps — InfoSec Army. And who are the owners of SecOps? Well, for those of you who did not understand until now, let me be perfectly clear. YOU guys ARE!

For those of you who are completely lost in the matter. SecOps — InfoSec Army is an international initiative that aims to unify in a single, centrally controlled ecosystem, all the resources in the Information Security area. From InfoSec companies to professionals, specialists, researchers, all of them allocated dynamically in projects around the globe, offering unprecedented levels of quality and impartiality, and customizability to clients. In a purist view, is the Information Security world combining they “powers” as a team.

I know this is cool, but nobody lives from purism does it? So let’s talk about money. Please, open Youtube and type Pink Floyd money, start the video to create the optimal atmosphere. I wait. Done? Let´s continue. (If you do not put the video, know that you are a mood breaker)

As a result of the absolutely out of curve growth of the initiative, we have to start plan B (Yes, we were prepared for it. We’re Information Security professionals for christ sake). So we start the fundraising process, to bring investors to the initiative and provide the funds we need to keep the pace and keep growing fast. We like fast (well somethings for that matter). Actually, investors were in the plan from the very first day. They have a share of the initiative reserved since the beginning. We just did not expect to have to bring them so early. Plans were to use the money reserved for them, plus almost all the profits of the initiative to finance the expansions and bring them one or two years from now when we need to get traction. What we could not predict was this meteoric growth. However, SecOps — InfoSec Army is “breaking” the rules of business since day one, so it’s no surprise that normal projections did not work for us.

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Right now you may ask me: Ok, it’s pretty obvious where the investors are going to take their money from, but where do I information Security professional, or my Information Security company are going to get money from. Well, you are the first ones to receive, as you are going to be paid by the hours you work on a specific project. Well paid by the way. But that’s not all. Hard-coded on the company statute of SecOps is defined that 50% of the profits are redistributed between the professionals or companies involved in the projects performed in that period, each one proportionally to his involvement on the projects. Now you understand why I ask you to put the video on YouTube?

Yes, my friends, you are going to be the owners of what’s probably going to be the biggest InfoSec company in the world in a few years. Two to be exact, if we can keep the same pace we’ve done till now. And this week, as I was working on the financial sheets to present to investors. I’ve seen things like this.

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Associates (That’s you guys)

This is an excerpt from one of the sheets with the projections we’ve made, based on projects already sold and being worked, plus several methods used in the market to determine where are we going to be one year from now, two years, three…(Entrepreneurs, you know the drill). And two years from now SecOps — InfoSec Army is going to be providing ONE MILLION DOLLARS to they partners/associates (that’s you) in dividends.

Why two years and not now? Well, as any of you who have experience in business operations may now, at the early stages you have to invest all you can, so the profits are being reinvested in the operations expansions. The problem is we started growing to fast. If you can help us speed up the fundraising process, please get in touch with us thru our website, and maybe together we can cut this time in a lot less. If you want your share of the million dollars, first, join the initiative (if you haven’t done already ) and help us spread the word. Tell everyone about how cool is this initiative and the potential it has to change the information Security market forever. If you have any projects for us, reach us on our website, or thru one of our Heads of Operations and work with us to close the deal. When it’s won, we have a check for you at 10% of the value. No surprises, no catch. 10% of the revenue is yours. Follow us on social media, and stay informed of our progress and the challenges we’re facing. We are actually looking for Heads of Reginal and Local Operations in our Brazil workforce, and also professionals up to the challenge of helping us take this initiative to other countries as well.

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Oh, one last question I heard a lot. Who can be part of this? Well…technically anyone. Any professional, any company working with information Security or with knowledge about it. Of course, the act of joining doesn’t mean you are going to be allocated to projects. This depends on the demand, where it comes from, and your capacity. How do we differ good professionals from bad ones? Well, after joining, you’ll be participating in series of interviews and background checks, to determine your internal score, and we can safely guarantee all our clients they’re getting the best option available.

But I already a day job, for some big company in the Information Security department. Cool! Good for you. Join us and participate in projects in your spare time, helping to revise the work of others in projects, or with pontual tasks. Unless of course, you are already rich, drinking margaritas and hitting on señoritas in some beach around the world. Otherwise, SecOps — InfoSec Army can be that extra money that never spares on your pocket because what you don’t spend in bills, you spend on gadgets and beers.

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Why those things have to be so expensive?

Companies have also several advantages in being part of this, but this would be subject to another article. Until then you can message me, the COO’s of Paraguay and Brasil, or any of our Head of Operations, and we’ll be happy to explain why your company should be already part of this.

That’s all folks! We’ll talk again very soon. In the meantime. Join us on the Information Security Revolution!

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