Counter Hack ◇ Free

Learn Javascript while defeating viruses!

Tynker has awesome coding games to get you started on coding. Usually beginners start with visual coding blocks, but Counter Hack takes it to the next level. But your girl is totally up for the challenge: it’s easy and progressive.

Your girl is on a quest to find portals, and Counter Hack shows you that every action she takes is a word.
➡️ To move forward, you copy and paste “forward();”. Then you turn left by putting “turnLeft();”.

And then, woah, walking up a staircase! It’s still just moving forward :)

Tynker says it’s for Grades 6+. But. If your girl is younger and does two or three levels, how amazing would she feel knowing that she’s been able to mess with 6-grade stuff?! PRETTY AMAZING.

👉 Try Counter Hack!




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