It’s a Curious World

Humans are innately curious creatures. We want to know what’s happening around us and we’re eager to hear untold stories. Most of all, we want to know we’re not alone. At Secret, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and we want to create a safe place to say what’s on your mind and learn about the people around you.

With that, we’ve made a number of improvements to Secret as you know it today. At first glance you’ll notice Secret looks quite different. When you look closer, you’ll find the things that make Secret unique are still there, along with a few significant updates:

  • A new look. The magic of Secret has always been the candid conversations. We’ve made Secret much faster to browse, post and comment. Oh, and we have a new fox.
  • Explore communities. Now you can see posts from your city, company, or school in separate spaces from your friends’ posts. Go explore.
  • More control. Sometimes you want to post to friends, other times you want to post without being labeled as a friend. Now you can choose who will see your post and how you’ll appear.
  • Chat. This long-awaited feature is finally here. Now you can chat one-on-one with people on Secret. Just tap on their avatar and chat away.

2014 was a wild year for us and we learned a lot. We’re really excited for 2015 — we’ve got some awesome stuff lined up for you. We wish you a very happy holidays from the entire team here at Secret.

You can find the new Secret in the App Store and the Play Store.

It’s a curious world. Discover yours.