Secret, for everyone.

The idea behind Secret came from a desire to send an anonymous love letter. The experience of sending and receiving the note was both magical and exciting. It helped us realize that many of our most important thoughts start quietly — the moment we realize we’re in love; our first interview for a new job; the dream we have to travel. While people share an incredible amount online, these thoughts and ideas have not had a home on popular social networks, and we wanted to change that by creating Secret.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Secret is available to anyone, everywhere with an Android or Apple iOS 7 device. In addition to this, we’ve made some important improvements:

Friends and Explore. For Android users who’ve waited patiently, you’ll have exclusive access to Secret with two streams — your Friend stream and the Explore stream, where you can dig into the wider world of Secret.

Richer stream for everyone. The stream is now more interactive. We’ve added a way to see how many friends you have and a way to respond and ask questions to friends. There will be more surprises on the way.

You can download Secret on Google Play and App Store now.

And finally, a huge thank you to all our users who’ve been with us from the start and for helping us make Secret a safe, open and meaningful place for sharing.

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