Speak Freely

Introducing a new way to connect with friends

As social networking has become universal, we’ve become increasingly sensitive to what we share online. Speaking on a stage in front of a mixed audience of family, friends, and acquaintances makes it hard for us to be our most authentic selves. As a result, we tend to share only our proudest moments in an attempt to portray our best selves. We filter too much, and with that, lose real human connection.

We built Secret for people to be themselves and share anything they’re thinking and feeling with their friends without judgment. We did this by eliminating profile photos and names and by putting the emphasis entirely on the words and images being shared. This way, people are free to express themselves without holding back.

It’s not only speaking on a stage that’s hard, it’s also difficult choosing when to like, comment, and re-share other people’s posts. Sometimes showing approval of controversial content can be embarrassing or intimidating. On Secret, these things are done anonymously, so you can freely endorse what you see.

We also believe great ideas should spread on their own merit. Whenever someone likes your post, it will spread to their friends. If their friends like it, it continues to reach even further. This is how ideas travel on Secret, just like the real world.

From what we’ve seen so far, we believe that Secret is something truly special and will carve out a new way for people to connect with one another. The goal is to not build only an app, but a platform that will bring more authenticity, self-awareness and empathy to the world.

Join Secret, and speak freely.

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