Everything Is Awful And Now There’s Proof

Yik Yak is an anonymous social app where people, usually college students, can chat in a free-for-all setting with the users geographically closest to them. Basically, every bored weirdo within 5 miles is talking to each other.

Yik Yak, which has received 61 million dollars in funding, isn’t the next generation of communications, or even a good idea. It does what projects like Post Secret and Whisper already do: give people the opportunity to be awful by promising that they’ll be civil. Currently, if you want to post a yak about killing people or that mentions your exes full name, a pop up window appears basically saying “whoa bro, chill.

To be fair, most Yaks are relatively harmless, featuring nothing more than a lonely solicitation for sex. The app comes alive after-dark, much like Tinder, when every ounce of civility is drained from us consumers and we get to be — ourselves. This is why Yik Yak, along with every other form of online communication that end up being abusive, misogynist, racist, and just plain awful prove the same thing: everything is awful.

Look, here’s proof that everything within a 5 mile radius of my Brooklyn apartment is awful:




This one’s actually kind of great