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Chaos is headed toward an unsuspecting world. A world run by tyrants and dictators. Selfishness and cruelty are part of the day, just like inhaling the already polluted air. An unlikely muse sleeps in her bed as an improbable hero runs for his life. The match has been made. Fate has decided.


A crash in the garage startled her awake. Questions filled her mind as hormones filled her body. Her heart pounded so hard she could hear it in her ears. “Should I check it out?” she asked herself. “No, let’s stay here, we’ll be safe here,” interjected her rationale. She knew she wasn’t going to sleep again after being startled like that. Staying in bed wasn’t an option as well because her mind would just run tons of improbable scenarios, so going to check it out, was her only option. She got out of bed hesitantly, breathing shakily. Her wobbly feet made her feel like they were made of jello.

She got to the garage door, and her rationale insisted “This is our last chance to turn back before we die”. The door creaked open into darkness. She fumbled the switch to no effect. The lights didn’t work, but weren’t they fine yesterday? It didn’t make sense. She took out her phone, turned on the flashlight and slowly tiptoed beside the rusty Land Rover. She saw the green canvas wiggle a bit and her pulse spiked, adrenalin was pumped into her body as it prepared to fight, she was in too deep to turn back now. Up and down went the canvas “I see you! Come out the canvas before I call the police” she threatened. “ I know you can hear me! I’m not playing. I swear I’ll call the police right now if you don’t come out of that canvas!” she protested. Close enough by now, she pulled the canvas away to reveal a boy.

The boy had gold like hair and was curled away from the light. He had on some ripped grey overalls that looked like pyjamas. Beyond the rips, she could see cuts, deep cuts that were bleeding a liquid that looked like emulsified stars. Perplexed, she took a knee and leaned in closer. “Are you okay?” she asked. The boy was trembling, clearly afraid. “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you. I promise,” she said as she put down her phone and extended her arm to touch him.

Once she put her arm on his leg, he relaxed. He was an empath. He felt her intentions and her feelings through her touch. Once he had turned, she gasped at his face. His beautiful hair was in little curls, and his eyes burned in the same colour as his hair. The last of his silvery tears rolled down his cheek to hit the ground where some plants had strangely sprouted.

She could see the scars on his neck and his forearms. She wanted to ask if he was okay, but it was a no brainer that he wasn’t. “Do you wanna leave this dusty place and come to my room?” she asked. “ My parents aren’t home, so we’ll be okay until they come back.” He nodded, and she retreated her arm as she moved back a little, to let him stand up. As he stood up, she noticed that he was tall, like taller than her. “It’s this way,” she said as she motioned towards the garage door. “It’s okay just follow me,” she said gently. He followed her, cautiously. A few steps later, they entered her room. It was filled with model planets, stars and snapshots of faraway galaxies. She took his arm, guided him onto her bed and sat beside him, arm in arm. He looked at her, and she looked at him. An odd calmness befell her. She said “I bet you’re hungry. I’ll get you something to eat.” as she headed out of her room into the kitchen.

Five minutes later, she came in with a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk to find him asleep. He had slept on his left side and had curled up in the fetal position. Wanting him to feel safe, she joined him on top of the bed and curled up beside him. She placed her right arm onto his body, across his chest, and he shuddered a little.



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