Browser-based PHP hacker-themed game — ORPG — open source — 2022 update & plan

Major upgrade, many of the bugs fixed, much more documentation is available, and automated testing. Try it out, report any issues and contribute to making a better game!

Secret Republic is a PHP & MySQL browser-based online role-playing game, without much graphics, fairly old-school in nature, .


After the open-source , no major developments have been done in 2021 other than creating a and handheld set-up screens for V3 and V4 (I continue to recommend you give a try to both, V3 has however a lot more features, but older code). Read update.


Comes with great news for those who may have an interest in this project. I have focused on fixing many of the bugs that have been reported by a couple of people who have tried the project, some of which were self-identified. Additionally, documentation is improving steadily, with a .

are now present and runnable, with very low coverage, however, which will hopefully also increase in time depending on whether the project is in use as well! But the basics are now there.

For this year, the plan is to continue supporting those who would like to give it a try and encounter problems. Any ideas, bugs, contributions, and discussions are welcome and will be reviewed and responded to within a week!

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An open source browser based online role playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic future. Coded in PHP and powered by a MySQL database, it is a fairly old codebase, semi-actively maintained. Credited usage and contributions are welcome!

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