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CANCELED: Bryan Fischer’s Homophobic Rants No Longer Have a Platform

Fischer’s Focal Point radio show and podcast will no longer be aired by AFA.

Bryan Fischer, the conspiracy theory slinging, protest-too-much radio host who is uber-focused on homosexuality, has finally lost his only remaining (non-social) media platform. On Tuesday, Fischer’s Focal Point show on American Family Radio was canceled, effective immediately. The announcement came via Focal Point’s Facebook page and Fischer’s Twitter about an hour apart from each other on Tuesday night:

When one of Fischer’s followers asked him if his departure was health-related, he responded that he’s fine and directed the inquiry to the American Family Association (his previous employer) for any further detail. This leads us to believe that he was fired/canceled.

Fischer’s firing is no surprise, considering his conspiracy theories and anti-gay rhetoric has landed him in hot water with his bosses before. In 2015, he was removed as a spokesperson for AFA due to years of pushing the unfounded theory that the Nazi Party was founded in a gay bar and that Hitler and all of his private army were homosexuals.

You can take down the AFA parking pass now, Bryan.

So why such a focus on homosexuality? Why is he so obsessed? Why does he hate LGBTQ people so much? He’d likely say it’s because “their lifestyle” is an affront to his Christian values. But isn’t that also true for murderers, blasphemers, divorced people, and the rich? I’ve read the Bible numerous times, and it seems there’s a lot more focus on those types of sinners than gay people. (Yes, I realize this is a form of whataboutism, but it’s relevant. Bear with me.)

Does Fischer’s focus on LGBTQ people come from somewhere else? Does he hate them because he has had sexual urges for other men and doesn’t know how to deal with it due to his extreme Christian indoctrination? He was actually asked whether or not he’s had sexual urges toward men. He sure as hell didn’t say no. Check out this exchange where he does his best to avoid it:

It’s ok Bryan. You can have all of the homosexual tendencies you’d like. The vast majority of us on the non-religious side of the fence won’t judge you for it, and the irony is that we don’t have a 2,000-year-old book to tell us not to judge you (even though you do, but judge everyone anyway). We just use something called empathy.

Come out of the closet, pal. Look on the bright side, you won’t lose your job with AFA for it! #ItGetsBetter




SecularVoices is led by Kevin Davis, author of Understanding an Atheist. It focuses on issues affecting the atheist/secular community in the US, as well as the absurdities of religion.

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