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So this is where I’ve landed…

After leaving Patheos and taking some time off, I’m ready to dig in again

Some readers may remember me from the SecularVoices column on Patheos, while others may know me from my book, Understanding an Atheist, or from Young Skeptics (the first national Good News Club alternative), or from various speaking engagements and conferences. Or maybe you’ve never heard of me at all, and that’s cool too. Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll subscribe and check out my work.


For those who know me from my other work, I just wanted to share an update on where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and what’s next.

Over the past several years, I’ve had varying degrees of involvement in the secular/atheist community, including various levels of activism, writing for a number of outlets including my own, podcasting, and speaking engagements. Most of my writing and activism were focused on church/state separation (especially in schools), science education, relevant Supreme Court cases and legislation, and other topics affecting the secular community. After the 2016 election that included one of America’s biggest mistakes, the weight of the negative environment we were subsequently hurled into started to have an effect on my desire to remain active. I would catch up on the news, try to wrap my head around what ridiculousness was happening in the White House and other government branches, and then try to decide where to focus my writing. There was just too much. It seems like I should have had the opposite experience. It seems like I should have had so much available content to write about that I’d have articles flying out of me nonstop. But I didn’t. I sat and stared at my keyboard, not knowing where to start, but also knowing that whatever I wrote would just end up being more noise in an overcrowded medium brimming with outrage. What was my article going to accomplish? What value was I going to bring to a topic that full-time journalists weren’t already covering ad nauseam?

So I made a decision to stop writing for a while. Because of that, I had to leave Patheos, as they recently began pushing content minimums, mandating writers to post a certain number of articles per week. That stung a bit. Ever since I started writing for the secular community, my goal was to get picked up by Patheos, the home of the most popular atheist bloggers and writers, and I finally made it there. And to top it all off, they paid me! But now because I was taking a step back, it meant leaving them behind too. So I spent more time focused on my family, my full-time work, and pet projects that brought me more joy than ranting about a sociopathic narcissist occupying the White House as if it were a dictator’s castle.

But all along, I missed it — writing, podcasting, meeting secular meetup groups, attending conferences and protests, interacting with leaders from secular organizations, all of it. And now that the orange ball of disinformation has exited his bully pulpit, a sense of normalcy is starting to return to the air. And with that, my passion for writing is returning.

So here I am. Rather than ponying up the cost of registering, designing, building, and promoting a new website, I thought I’d give Medium a spin and see how it works out. This way, I can also write on my own terms — as frequently as I want, and about whatever I choose (including dropping an f-bomb every now and then without worrying about losing advertisers). Please subscribe here for updates if you’d like, and you can always get back here by visiting — it redirects back here automatically.

So for those who know me, thanks for sticking with me. I hope you enjoy what’s to come. To those who are new, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. To help us get acquainted, I’ve posted some links below of my most popular articles from the past, as well as a link to my book.




SecularVoices is led by Kevin Davis, author of Understanding an Atheist. It focuses on issues affecting the atheist/secular community in the US, as well as the absurdities of religion.

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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

Writes at ExCommunications & SecularVoices, formerly of Patheos. Author of Understanding an Atheist. Co-founder of Young Skeptics. @KevTweetsThings

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