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This Priest Performed Voter Fraud Exorcisms and Got the Boot

A priest in Wisconsin has left his diocese after performing unapproved exorcisms intended to root out alleged voter fraud

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf (YouTube)

Rev. John Zuhlsdorf of Wisconsin left the Diocese of Madison after a “mutual decision” to part ways after he was cited for performing exorcisms that the bishop did not approve. Instead, Bishop Donald Hying had given Zuhlsdorf permission to perform COVID-related exorcisms, not any related to political issues, especially disinformation campaigns.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, YouTube videos of the exorcisms previously existed but have been taken down.

If you just thought to yourself, “Dammit, I would love to see those for the pure comedic value they’re sure to contain,” you’re not alone. I’ll keep an eye out and if they happen to reappear, I’ll update the story.

But let’s be real. Exorcisms? This is really still a thing? And what demons are we addressing regarding voter fraud? Is there a person or persons involved in the fraud that need to be present or these, or is this priest just screaming into the void? Who is taking this seriously? I have so many questions.

I find it incredibly troubling that the Church and its members are still contributing the problems of today to demons. In case you missed it in the text above, the Church actually approved exorcisms directed at “alleviation from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic.” Are viruses actually demons now? Can an exorcism cure my cold? If so, sign me up, because if a priest screaming at me and misting me with holy water is going to take away my sore throat and stuffed sinuses, I can handle that temporary inconvenience/entertainment.

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