BitBonds: The Most Secure Way to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

“What is a Bitcoin?” “How do I buy one?” “Is it safe?”

These are questions that are being asked all too often, but nobody can seem to provide an adequate answer.

As with any emerging technology, some people are left behind, too scared or confused to grasp the concepts of how to use it. But with a groundbreaking technology like blockchain, shouldn’t our technological innovators be doing more to educate and include the less tech-savvy demographic?

The current process that an investor must go through to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is long, confusing and inherently unsafe if done incorrectly. Investors must create password protected exchange accounts, manage long alpha-numeric digital keys, link bank accounts and obtain verifications all while being responsible for their own digital security.

If blockchain advocates are looking to achieve mass adoption, why haven’t they created a user-friendly system that allows everyone to participate in their market? Hardware wallet solutions like Ledger and Trezor have claimed to be highly secure, but security researchers have claimed otherwise, citing multiple vulnerabilities.

Current cryptocurrency methods are too complicated.

In the long run, the bulk of security for any cryptocurrency investor lies within their own hands, just like with any other digital account. All too often investors are becoming victims by making simple mistakes, and stories of lost funds and exchange hacks are pushing potential participants away.

Secure Digital Asset Group (SDAG) is taking strides to eliminate these problems and more, propelling cryptocurrencies into the hands of the masses. We understand how hard it can be for investors to manage digital assets on their own, and have eliminated the most pressing vulnerabilities from the equation.

Introducing BitBonds:

Our flagship BitBond product allows investors to secure their cryptocurrency in the familiar paper bond format that they know and love. BitBonds store the holder’s cryptocurrency keys in an offline, non-digital format, leaving no room for hackers to gain access to stored funds.

A BitBond is a type of cold paper wallet that stores the only record of an investor’s private key. The private key is the necessary credential required to access any true cryptocurrency wallet.

Through the SDAG online portal, investors will have the ability to view and manage their BitBond holdings. The entire process is regulatory compliant, and simple for users at any technical level. No longer will it be too complicated or unsafe for an investor to purchase cryptocurrency.

Many other wallet providers like Coinbase don’t provide their users with access to their private keys. This method of storage is unsafe, and does not provide the investor with true control of their funds. We are bringing cryptocurrency custody back into the hands of the investor.

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We are excited to keep you updated on our new developments, and introduce the remainder of our user-friendly suite of products.

Learn more about BitBonds and their security features by catching up with us in our next article.

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