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Navigating the Global Itayose Process

Gear Up for the Mainnet Launch

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4 min readOct 31, 2023


Dear Community,

As our much-anticipated launch in December draws near, we’re thrilled to unveil Secured Finance’s specialized User Interface (UI) tailored for the Global Itayose process. Over the past few months, you’ve navigated our trading app and delved into our Emergency Global Settlement — our Ultimate Safety Net for Lenders in Extreme Scenarios. Now, we invite you to embark on a new exploration: our special UI designed to acquaint you with the Global Itayose process. Additionally, we’ve introduced the Minimum Collateral Threshold feature to enhance our platform’s security further, underscoring our commitment to safeguarding your assets.

What is the Global Itayose Process?

The Global Itayose is a unique matching process essential for kickstarting our trading operations. As we edge closer to launch, this process unveils the inaugural set of four pre-open order books covering 1 year duration on each asset (total 4 assets and 16 pre-open order books) to be available at launch, ensuring a fair and orderly market initiation and paving the way for a seamless trading adventure.

Following the launch, a new Itayose process will be set in motion weekly to unveil one additional order book per asset. This unveiling will proceed over four weeks, culminating in a total of eight order books for each asset. The subsequent order books will broaden the duration coverage to 2 years for each asset, progressively enhancing the trading landscape.

Navigating the Special UI

Our special UI is crafted to offer an intuitive journey through the Global Itayose process. As you venture into this interface, you’ll transition from our standard trading app page, immersing yourself in a clear, user-centric environment, ready to engage with the new pre-open order books.

You know the procedure. Ensure your wallet is connected at the top right corner, choose your assets, and click on ‘Go’!

You’ll land straight into the asset’s pre-open order book.

Here, you’ll notice a broader spectrum of 4 maturity dates, as opposed to the usual 1 seen in our Normal Itayose Process.

The rest of the procedure will align with our Normal Itayose Process: select your assets, set your price, and submit orders. The only difference is that you have 4 maturity dates to choose from for the Global Itayose Process compared to only the latest maturity date available for the Normal Itayose Process.

Test Now, Trade Confidently Later

Seize the opportunity to test drive the special UI before our official launch. Get acquainted with the Global Itayose process, engage with the initial order books, and gear up for a smooth transition to live trading post-launch. Post Global Itayose, the UI will seamlessly transition back to our standard trading app page, prepping you for a confident trading journey. If you are borrowing, do keep in mind the Minimum Collateral Threshold, as it is a new feature and will impact the price you can book.

Dive deeper to view the expected opening and projected prices for other Order Books on the yield curve. This insight into bid and offer prices lets you aptly adjust your orders.

Dive in and Discover

We’re on the brink of an exhilarating journey and are keen for you to experience the special UI crafted for the Global Itayose process. Your early engagement is invaluable, offering a sneak peek into the dynamic trading ambiance awaiting you at Secured Finance.

Get hands-on, explore the UI, and stay tuned for more updates as we approach our official launch. Together, we’re entering a new era of secure, fair, and transparent trading on Secured Finance!

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