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Dear Secured Finance Community Members,

As Q3 2023 comes to a close, the Digital Strategy team at Secured Finance is proud to reflect on our tangible accomplishments. This quarter encapsulated our commitment to elevating our platform’s user experience and magnifying our digital presence. Each stride we took in the past three months is a clear testament to our dedication, and each achievement becomes a cornerstone for future endeavours.

Community Growth and Engagement

The journey on the digital front was noteworthy, with our engagement on X (formerly Twitter) crossing a milestone of 60K followers during the quarter, culminating at 61.8K by quarter-end. This represents an approximate 8.6% growth from the 56.9K followers at the close of Q2. Such a steadfast community growth reflects our effective campaigns and strategic alignment with the evolving web3 landscape. Moreover, our consistent interactions across various platforms, including Discord and Galxe Web3, have strengthened our digital community ties, reinforcing our brand’s credibility and trust.

60K Twitter Followers Milestone

Protocol Transparency & Protocol Enhancements

In Q3, our dedication to open dialogue and user empowerment was evident with the unveiling of the Secured Finance Official Documentation. This comprehensive guide not only provides detailed insights into our platform but also stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a well-informed user community.

As we continue to refine our platform, Version 0.6.0 marked another significant step forward. Crafted with professionals in mind, this release introduced notable UI improvements. Notable features like the streamlined vertical orderbook are clear indicators of our drive to provide a more intuitive trading experience. As we move closer to the mainnet launch, our ears remain attuned to the feedback from our community. This quarter, in particular, emphasized our emphasis on trust, user safety, and enhancing the user experience.

To further communicate the unique features and capabilities of Secured Finance, we produced a showcase video. It not only serves as a visual guide but also highlights our relentless commitment to our users and our ambition to constantly raise the industry bar.

Global Reach & Brand Amplification

Our global initiatives continued to underscore our commitment to robust international engagement. At the forefront was our active participation during Korea Blockchain Week, with FIL-Seoul emerging as a distinguished highlight. In partnership with the Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs, we took the lead in organizing and hosting this event. FIL-Seoul attracted a diverse assembly, ranging from ardent supporters to influential ecosystem partners and astute investors. These interactions not only amplified our position in the Filecoin ecosystem but also cemented our commitment to nurturing symbiotic relationships. Complementing our presence in Korea were our strategic engagements in other global hubs, namely Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, and New York, reinforcing our global footprint in the DeFi landscape.

Impactful presence across international events

Building upon our external engagements, we also took a strategic step towards community empowerment. Launching the brand asset page on the Secured Finance documentation site was not just about providing easy access to brand materials. It was a move to enable and encourage our community to amplify our brand in their capacities. By equipping our community with these tools, we aim to foster a stronger brand-community bond, cultivating a unified representation and further strengthening our collective identity.

Looking Ahead

With Q3 achievements serving as a robust foundation, we’re filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for what Q4 holds, especially as we gear up for our official mainnet launch. As always, our users remain at the heart of our mission, and we’re committed to delivering excellence at every step.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to a future filled with innovation, growth, and shared successes. See you in the next quarterly update.

Digital Strategy Team

About Secured Finance

Secured Finance is revolutionizing the digital asset landscape by constructing interbank-grade capital markets. Our innovative protocol is designed to offer a secure, flexible, and scalable fixed-income solution for digital assets. Comprised of a team of expert investment bankers, we are committed to integrating traditional finance wisdom into the realm of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Stay informed and connected with us for further information and updates.

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Ki Kwon
Secured Finance

Head of Digital Strategy at Secured Finance. A hands-on innovator and digital transformation specialist with a background across Wall Street, Tech, and Web3.