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Secured Finance at FIL Singapore’22 Summit

New brand, New app release, VC demo day, and Workshops to grow with strategic Web3 ecosystem partners

Timo Lee
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4 min readOct 20, 2022
Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash

FIL-Singapore Summit is the first-ever large-scale event for the Filecoin ecosystem in Asia (2000+ attendees, 100+ speakers). With Filecoin Foundation and our strategic partner IPFS Force, Secured Finance joined to empower the events and hosted our second on-site event in Asia. (see the first one in Korea, Filecoin Day)

As a selected speaker and a side-event host, Secured Finance played an active role in Fil-Singapore to highlight opportunities and provide interbank-grade financial solutions for the Filecoin ecosystem.

Also, the conversation between Andrew Yang (former US presidential candidate) and Juan Benet (Protocol Labs founder) was interesting. They discussed the prospects in technology and the power of a community-driven economy in web3 can solve current problems with financial solutions.

Let’s look at a recap of such an exciting event through the lens of Secured Finance.

FILVC demo day

The top highlighted event was FILVC demo day, a concentrated one-day event featuring the 24 most promising startups in Web3 space to pitch to a select group of industry-leading investors.

Masa ‘Senshi’ Kikuchi, Founder and CEO of Secured Finance, shared his root vision of Secured Finance. He got motivated to build decentralized finance by experiencing the Libor Scandal, a failure of the centralized financial system in his past career. Masa said the current DeFi’s interest rates don’t have composability. Then he showed a composable yield curve solution to underpin the fixed-income business to build trillion-dollar scale capital markets. We appreciate the existing and new connections with partners and investors.

Panel discussion at Startup Spotlight (video)

Masa was invited as a founder guest by Colin Evran, Growth Lead at Protocol Labs, to share unique experiences and know-how in starting a Web3 company. As a reminder, Secured Finance was one of the hackathon winners at the first HackFS 2020, which was co-organized by Protocol Labs and ETHGlobal.

During this incredible journey from a hackathon project to a startup company, Secured Finance gained valuable experience collaborating with Protocol Labs in various areas, including product development, team-building, community-building, and go-to-market strategy. It was great to reflect on the past, give back, and share advice for future founders in the ecosystem.

Filecoin Finance Workshop

Kenji, our Head of Markets from Goldman Sachs, proposed great lending business opportunities and flexible hedging solutions using our platform. The photo is from an industry expert panel session with the top storage providers, developers, and centralized & decentralized financial service providers.

The one-day workshop covered topics including Filecoin lending solutions, optimized collateral management, tokenized Filecoin storage power, and financial derivatives.

Here are presentations from the ecosystem partners:

  • Enabling SP’s finance plan in Filecoin — Steven Li from IPFS Force
  • Anchorage Digital FIL Financing — Moses Lee from Anchorage Digital
  • Filecoin Finance by Secured Finance — Kenji Mitsusada from Secured Finance

Booth Area

We finally unveiled our new brand! With our fresh-look UI/UX, we set up a booth for a face-to-face Q&A and live demonstrations. As a result, our team gained many interests and inquiries for test-pilot Sign-ups.

Here are some helpful resources that will help you to learn more about us:

Media Interviews

Masa got interviewed by TVCC, a major South Korean Blockchain Media.

About Secured Finance

Secured finance is building interbank-grade capital markets for digital assets. We designed a protocol for a secure, flexible, and scalable fixed-income business for digital assets. Our team is an expert group of investment bankers to bring 40-year traditional finance wisdom into cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Please follow our Twitter account or join our Discord channel or Telegram. We welcome requests for articles and are happy to answer any questions.

If you are joining Websummit’ 2022, FIL-Lisbon, and other events, please meet us in Lisbon!




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