Why I decided to show my work (and how I’ll do it)

Ever walk past an open garage door and see someone working away?

Maybe they’re running a saw or just hammering away. But it’s interesting to watch them _create_.

Imagine what it’d be like to watch someone inventing in their garage? Or watching someone learn in public?

What if you had to learn in public?

Sharing your not-fully fleshed ideas with friends, family, and strangers — potential colleagues, clients, and employers. Putting your process on display — where you’re likely to make a mistake, get something wrong, or risk getting called out.

Did your heart race a bit?

Did you think, “Not me! No way, no how. Nope. Nope. Nope.”

In grade school, they praised us for _**showing**_ our work as a way of demonstrating we learned or offering an easy way for correction. Somewhere along the path, we shifted from showing our work to _**sharing**_ the result of creating, revising, and editing until the message was just right — making sure it’s presented properly.

While important to _**share**_ our work, I realize it’s equally important — if not more important — to _show_ our work.

Starting today, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll focus is on “connecting security with the business” and all the topics it covers. I’m going to explore ideas and plant seeds. We’ll solve problems and resolve conflicts together.

I’m willing to take some risks and make some mistakes to find a way for us to make sense of our diverse experiences, insights, and ideas.

For at least the next 90 days, I’ll publish something I think it valuable each working day to my blog, email list, LinkedIn, and medium, embracing that consistency creates quality.

Will you engage with me?

And perhaps this inspires you to show your work, too.




Join an experiment in showing my daily work exploring how to better connect security with the business. Each working day I publish something that sparked me for your consideration.

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Connects security with the business

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