Official: Security Token Market Announces Exciting Partnership with Security Token Exchange Polybird

MIAMI, FL — March 6, 2019 — Security Token Market (STM), the largest repository of past, present, and future security token offerings, has announced a partnership with the leading security token exchange, Polybird. With hundreds of security token offerings currently listed on the platform, STM is the single largest marketplace to discover, research, and participate in the security token industry, and partnerships with issuance and trading platforms worldwide assist in providing the depth and breadth of investment opportunities that traders and investors seek.

“Polybird is a crucial partner for Security Token Market. Liquidity is a critical feature of security tokens and tokenized assets, to provide the fungibility of assets, that is desired by investors around the world. Polybird is assisting to build the viability of security tokens by creating the infrastructure for a new programmable and scalable financial industry” says Kyle Sonlin, CEO of Security Token Market.

Security token offerings are going live worldwide, and investors cannot wait to participate in these investment opportunities. Polybird leverages its expertise in the financial services industry to assist investors in navigating through this new investment infrastructure while providing clients direct access to STM to maximize exposure to interested investors around the world.

“Eventually, the number of Security Token Offerings (STOs) would dramatically increase and for issuers to market their deals would be expensive and time-consuming. STM eases this process via providing a discovery platform and a repository, for the benefit of issuers and the ecosystem. Kyle is a young, enthusiastic CEO whom we see leading the company in the right direction and sharpening the value proposition of STM as the security token market evolves. We look forward to working with STM” says Harish D. Gupta, CEO of Polybird Exchange.

To learn more about Polybird, visit their website at, or




To learn more about Security Token Market, visit their website at, or




About Security Token Market

Security Token Market ( is the largest worldwide repository of past, present, and future security token offerings. STM strives to create the most engaged community of security token investors, enthusiasts, and projects to build a thriving ecosystem around this industry. Security Token Market is continuously launching new features to provide users with abilities to connect with new projects, discuss and review the offerings, and help provide the engagement that the industry needs to become self-sustainable.

About Polybird Exchange

Polybird Exchange provides a trading platform for global tokenized assets. As an end-to-end global exchange platform that facilitates buying and selling of these tokenized assets, it enables the issuance of digital tokens to raise equity and debt capital, and then allows trading of those tokens on its platform. Tokenizers can also list existing tokenized assets on the platform such as equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and commercial real estate.

Security Token Group

Re-inventing Capital Markets with Security Tokens

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