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MIAMI — December 5th, 2019 — Security Token Market, the largest repository of past, present, and future security token offerings is now presenting daily-compiled transactional data for all live security tokens worldwide for the first time ever.

Daily up-to-date price, volume, and market cap metrics allow investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike to track, research, and immerse themselves in the security token industry quickly and efficiently. Price transparency is something that has been missing from the industry and has been theorized to be holding many investors back from participating in the industry. Kyle Sonlin, CEO of Security Token Market has the following to say:

Accurate and transparent price information is critical to a functioning and efficient market. Investors and participants do not log into exchanges on a daily basis nor do they care to go through the hurdle of signing up to find out. This friction prevents investors from being able to properly learn about, manage, and trade security tokens.

The platform currently tracks six security tokens across the tZero and OpenFinance marketplaces:

Security Token Market compiles all trades each calendar day and reflects the total daily volume and last trade price in its display. API integration to display each individual transaction in exact recency is expected for live release Q1 2020.

To learn more about Security Token Market, visit their website at, or




About Security Token Market

Security Token Market ( is the largest worldwide repository of past, present, and future security token offerings. STM strives to create the most engaged community of security token investors, enthusiasts, and projects to build a thriving ecosystem around this industry. Security Token Market is continuously launching new features to provide users with the ability to connect with new projects, find out token pricing information, track and submit industry news, and engage with security tokens.

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Re-inventing Capital Markets with Security Tokens

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Re-inventing Capital Markets with Security Tokens

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