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Jan 13 · 3 min read
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The Security Token Show Podcast is the longest-running and largest security token podcast in the industry, with hundreds of weekly recurring listeners and over 20,000 total downloads over 75 episodes. The show focuses on the newest developments in the sector, covering institutional infrastructure development, new investment offerings, and trading market analysis while ending each episode with a ‘Main Topic’ centered around an aspect of the security token industry that hosts Herwig Konings and Kyle Sonlin cover in deeper detail.

To kick off the show each week, two companies win the Company of the Week award, given to two firms who have made the biggest impact across the industry. The winner’s newest developments are covered first as the first topic on the show to the full attention of the audience. This award is seldomly given out twice, as dozens of companies are considered each week for innovation across the blockchain space.

Each Company of the Week winner was eligible to win the coveted Company of the Year award, a single company that Herwig and Kyle deemed was the most impactful in driving security token adoption over the last year. In selecting the award winner for this year, there was one clear choice: tZERO.

In what was nothing short of a groundbreaking year for tZERO, the firm successfully managed its own ATS, allowing for the trading of private securities through its own platform, in addition to driving adoption through facilitating a digital dividend for public shareholders of its parent company, Overstock, which saw its tokenized shares begin live trading on the tZERO ATS in May. The firm has also listed a third asset to its trading platform, the St. Regis Aspen Resort, creating a path for additional issuers to find liquidity through tZERO in the future.

“TZERO showed that you can manage a full-fledged ATS trading environment in this space successfully. The company has been open in the news about what it is doing and transparent about its progress. They brilliantly drove Wall Street adoption by working with parent company to issue a digital dividend in the form of a digital security token traded on the tZERO ATS and it admitted to trading an additional asset to show its plan to grow. Certainly, in this industry where there are so many announcements about things that are going to happen, it is nice to see three tokens trading with decent volume too.” Hear Herwig’s full thoughts on Episode 75 of the Security Token Show.

“Listing high-quality assets have been a focus for CEO Saum Noursalehi and team, and this vision has proved successful, as tZERO represented 76% of the security token market cap and over 95% of the trading volume over 2020. These tremendous achievements made tZERO a surefire winner of the award as the firm has been instrumental in developing the security token industry across the entire lifecycle of a digital asset — from primary offerings to secondary placement.” Kyle added.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the ‘Company of the Year’ by the Security Token Show Podcast,” said Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO. “Having achieved several key milestones in 2020, we continue to be the leader in the digital securities space. This has set the stage for further success in 2021 as we lead our industry into the mainstream.”

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