A Detailed View Of Cryptocurrency Exchange World

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where one can exchange a digital asset in exchange for another digital asset. Currently, the most popular exchanges are Binance and GDAX. White label cryptocurrency exchange has improved the cryptocurrency world with its practical and efficient qualities. A white label cryptocurrency exchange software should be 100% pre-tested and bug-free. High-level technology, top-notch features, and security implementations will ensure high-performance with zero latency and help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

A new identity can be easily given to a white label software by renaming, rebranding, changing its features, change in the logo, change in the dashboard as per the requirements, and many others. It does not need substantial technical attention. Therefore, companies buying it do not have to invest their technological resources in it, as it has already been through that phase, and it is adaptive. The user interface, trading engine, and the admin panel are mostly always developed with these White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions, which only leaves the buyer’s options to customize the model further according to their new ideas model. Therefore, the exchange business is considered to be the future business world.

Benefits of our white label crypto exchange include,

  • Multiple-currency support and language support
  • Multiple transactions with zero downtime
  • Unlimited, Seamless global transactions
  • Cutting-edge technology solutions
  • High scalability and customizability

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Centralized Exchange

Centralized exchanges are the most familiar and most commonly used exchanges in the current crypto market. A centralized exchange platform function depends upon a third party. In simple terms, centralized exchanges act as a middleman between the buyer and seller. It works similarly to a bank where the funds are taken hold of by a central body, and the transaction is processed only after their approval.

Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange works contrary to a centralized exchange, i.e., the exchange does not rely on a third party for the control of the exchange or user funds. All the transactions in the platform are carried directly between the users through encrypted channels. A white label decentralized exchange software automatically verifies the KYC details of the user and offers enhanced privacy. The user gets sole ownership of the funds, and also, the successful outcome of the transaction is entirely on the users. As decentralized exchanges do not involve any third party, they offer more security to the users.

Difference between Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges:

Centralized Exchange

  1. Offers high trade volume as compare to DEX
  2. Offers high liquidity
  3. Allows fiat-to cryptocurrency trade
  4. Venerable to hacks
  5. Under government regulations

Decentralized Exchange

  1. Offers lower trade volumes as compare to CEX
  2. Does not have high liquidity
  3. Currently offers only crypto-to-crypto trades
  4. Limited functionality
  5. Facilitates high security from hacks
  6. No governmental control over the global distributed network

Hybrid Exchange

The limitations of both exchanges contributed to creating an upgraded, more specialized network known as the Hybrid Exchange. The positive features of Centralized and Decentralized markets come in combination with this form of exchange.

Hybrid crypto exchanges (HEX = Hybrid Exchange) address the issues of centralized and decentralized exchanges. They mainly focus on the usability and liquidity of CEX platforms and the anonymity and protection of DEX platforms.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange | Benefits

  • Provide real-time service access
  • Incorporates solutions based on blockchain technology
  • Users can trade on a centralized as well as the decentralized crypto platform.
  • Addresses challenges of centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.
  • Even if third parties may regulate the exchanges of cryptocurrencies on a hybrid platform, users still have custody of their funds here.
  • Hybrid crypto exchanges secure customer privacy, but they are always compliant with different laws for digital currencies.

Follow these simple steps to launch a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Gather an order list of all the transactions by market players
  • Bring out all the trading charts and choose trading pairs
  • Make sure to store transaction histories for a better understanding
  • Look after the finances and time frame for the development of exchange
  • Facilitate efficient logins and withdrawals for customers
  • Embed price integrator in the exchange
  • Plan a user-friendly interface for the customers on the exchange
  • Facilitate custom mobile application support
  • Wallet creation

Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence

Exchange Legal Services requirements for every country are different. The fee is high for granting a license for running a Cryptocurrency exchange, with some countries as exceptions like Kazakhstan. Therefore, one needs to go through proper legal consultation for acquiring rights with lower fees and fewer hardships.

Besides helping with licenses, a legal consultation team can assist with other issues. The issues regarding the regulation of crypto exchanges are complex, and only an attorney can show the path through the tunnel. Always keep a legal team on your side for ongoing compliance and regulations.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing

One needs the best crypto exchange marketing plan to improvise new user experience and increase their daily trading volume. Digital marketing is the fastest growing instrument to reach customers globally. Promotions can be done at a cost-effective price through digital platforms. Social media platforms play an active role in giving you exposure to the worldwide market. Marketing your exchange is an integral part of a company’s growth. It helps segment the market, target your customers, engage with them, communicate with them through positioning, and maintain a relationship for an extended period. You will need something extraordinary to explore the global market platform of customers.

A Crypto exchange Marketing Company supports a platform integrated with multiple cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc. These cryptocurrencies need the eye of every possible customer. Therefore every company has a team that offers powerful PR strategies, social media management, market research, SEO optimization, content strategy, and much more.

With the increasing curiosity in cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency exchange marketing is done on platforms that can be accessed from anywhere globally. It is used for trading and managing the market positions with the help of intermediaries like online brokers. It unleashes a new revolution in the field of investment.

At Blockchain App Factory, they have the most dedicated developers who are pioneers in cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. They have unmatched experience in the field, having helped many clients across the globe, achieve their business goals successfully. The white-label exchange software solutions that they offer guarantee reliability, stability, and scalability to the users providing them a seamless business experience. Their team of blockchain experts integrates the newest fore-front blockchain technology for the exchange, along with core features and functionalities.



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