All possible Combinations of METAVERSE, the real potential is still concealed

Metaverse- This is yet another typical blog that explains the concept behind the Metaverse, but this time, we tried to explain them in a more structural way that relates to the other dominating technologies of the world. The concept and the term in relation to the Metaverse have been here in the real world for almost a decade or two. The main picture about the Metaverse is a parallel universe where people could do many more things more similar to the real world and also many things that can’t be done in the real world. To give a proper explanation for the Metaverse, a closer look into the world’s renowned PC games can be taken into account.

“Today I think we just look at the internet.

“But tomorrow I think we’re going to BE IN experiences”

— Zuckerberg

Games & Gaming industry — The Predecessor

Games are always making huge profits in the market, and they’re never real; they are always scripted, and sometimes they were created based on historical events. The reason why we say that the gaming industry is the predecessor to the Metaverse is the variety they have shown in the crypto space and how they created an impact among the gamers. The characters and stories are still inspired by the people in the gaming community.

Here are some games with similar Metaverse concepts that are actually still influencing the people of the gaming community.

“In the METAVERSE, Hiro Protagonist is a warrior prince.”

🎮 GTA Verse

Grand Theft Auto is a Rockstar game’s one of the epic game series, and this game sequel is one of the most epic open world or metaverse-based games. The Characterization and the game concept were happening in an alternate world, where the prime characters can do many limitless actions based on their desires. This Game has a very big name for itself.

🎮 Assassin’s creed verse

Yet another parallel verse game that is slightly based on the real-world myth. The assassin sequel also has a very big fan base, and the major thing connecting these games is the concept of Metaverse. The Assassin’s Creed is from one of the most influential and fortune Gaming companies, Ubisoft, which is itself very well known for its METAVERSE concept.

🎮 Watchdogs

Watch Dogs is a perfect example of the Metaverse concept where a tech group battles against the misuse of technological advancement by the big giants of crypto space. The watchdogs are also from Ubisoft, which was well known for the parallel verse creations.

With the above games as examples, we can try to figure out what actually the Metaverse can do than the mark’s “META” explanations. The possibilities and efficiency can be increased widely every time the combination changes and the perfect tech is integrated with the Metaverse concept. A very bright future for the concept METAVERSE is about to happen, and it is completely based on the people we handle.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,

But experience it could And METAVERSE is the KEY.

META Verse — The reality

Many have a fictional thought that the META verse is a concept that will only have an impact in the imaginary world, and that has nothing to do with the real world, but it is actually a very big misconception. The Metaverse can have a great effect on our real life. With every possible prosperous combination, it can bring huge revenue to the world of crypto space. The most efficient techs that can be a very big game-changer in the METAVERSE is listed below,


The Blockchain or a digital ledger can bring a huge difference in the tech world and already dominate the crypto space with huge efficiency. The ledger technology will keep a record of all the transactions and not logs about every move made in the ecosystem. Blockchain utilization in a perfect way can really make a fruitful impact in the Metaverse.

“Anything! You just Dream, I can do that me META”


The structure decentralization can also be a game-changer in METAVERSE. The transference and the immutability that web 3.0 has will create an inevitable impact in the crypto space. Every move made towards the Blockchain alone will have serious advantages in the crypto ecosystem.

With this, the META Verse has many serious possibilities, as the people from META said the world could be narrowed down to a screen with or to the eye fractions easily with the METAVERSE. With the advancement we have today, technological advancement can even open the chance for virtual teleportation with the METAVERSE.

METAVERSE — Vigorous growth Initial Liquidity Offering

The NFTs and other crypto services will also have a very wider role to play in the METAVERSE. The imaginary trade, shop, and another ecosystem can be built with this parallel verse concept. The real change lies in the imagination of the human who handles it. When the “META” is planning to have a deeper contribution towards making an establishment of feelings with virtual reality. The Crypto verse already has many METAVERSE instances that are increasing its chance of becoming a virtual commercial space where people can do anything they desire.

The Crypto and NFT worlds already combined with each other to provide a Metaverseplatform, which is now a very big spectrum of the market dealing billions in the alternate economy. The DECENTRALAND, AXIE INFINITY, and the ZED RUN NFT platforms are very good examples of the METAVERSE concept. And this is not even the beginning of the METAVERSE growth, and things are just starting to align in a perfect route. The future possibilities are out of the imagination, and META verse will reflect every input we give in a greater return.

Wrapping Up

METAVERSE is not just another technology that pops out and fades within a short span. The chances and adaptability have a very long run. They can be very good key in communication, they can contribute to many medical advancements, The potential will multiply to a seamless ratio. They can help humans to have a huge change in their lifestyle, and there will be a future where METAVERSE can be the solution to most of the problems humanity faces. METAVERSE is something that evolves based on what we humans give, so the more positive input, the higher the beneficiary.




ICO's are passe Security Token Offering is now in Security Tokens are financial securities that offer an array of financial rights to the investor.

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