Another “NFTs x Hollywood” Affair Comes Up With Sylvester Stallone’s PlanetSLY Collection

In a new advancement, the Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone would be launching his own limited-edition NFT (Non-fungible token) collection called PlanetSLY, consisting of 9,997 digital and real-world collectibles. The PlanetSLY collection commemorates the legend’s life and career.

Along with providing digital and real-world objects, some NFTs would come with exclusive utilities that include a dinner night, virtual movie screening, exclusive events, and more., thus offering fans access to one of Hollywood’s legendary stars.

The collectibles, called SLYguys, were created by Stallone himself, or as per a statement, Stallone was involved hands-on in the creative process. It is worth noting that Stallone is the only actor to have a blockbuster in each of the last six decades, which is a humongous record.

PlanetSLY is a place for the fans to celebrate their icon, along with becoming a part of his NFT community alongside collectors and NFT enthusiasts. The SLYguys collectibles would be launched during April. They celebrate the journey of an underdog who brought his dream “Rocky” to the big screens after enormous efforts and paved the way for action movies from thereon.

For someone to get their hands on a SLYguy collectible, they should show “SLYLove,” which can be a social media video post for a minute demonstrating their Stallone fandom through various forms. It is also said that the star himself would autograph 25 of the rarest SLYguys NFTs, providing more value to them in the process. The star has been conveying all the information regarding his NFT collection on

If you want to create similar NFTs like Sylvester Stallone would be launching, there are a lot of firms available that have the necessary experience in developing such NFT collections. Get on the NFT gala today as the tide may change soon, and it is better to strike while the iron is still hot.



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