Cryptocurrency Exchange Margin Trading With Leverage

As we all know, our generation is evolving towards becoming a completely digital one, and cryptocurrencies are driving change in this aspect. Currently, there are more than 5,100 cryptocurrencies and approximately 20,000 cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges are divided into various types, but, currently, the leverage/margin exchanges are very popular. This is because leverage/margin exchanges enable traders to pocket massive profits on placing a small deposit as collateral. To understand better, let’s walk through what a leverage/margin exchange is and what it does.

What is Leverage and Margin Trading?

For starters, a leverage/margin trading exchange is a platform that allows the traders to regulate trades by borrowing additional funds in order to amplify their position in the market. To simplify, instead of investing the total market value, the investor deposits with a leverage ratio offered by the exchange, where he/ she can borrow a sum LARGER than the margin that they invest in. Here, margin refers to the minimum amount that the user deposits with the exchange, in order to initiate the trade. Leverage is the number of additional funds that he/she borrows from the exchange to carry out the trade and make enormous profits.

To break it down for you,

  • In a leverage/margin exchange platform, an investor can deposit a margin of 1 BTC and acquire a trading position of 100 BTC.
  • For instance, say the current Bitcoin value is about $9,500, and in the coming weeks, you expect its value to rise to $10,500.
  • Unfortunately, you only have one Bitcoin and alas, cannot take advantage of this opportunity.
  • However, in an exchange offering leverage trading, you can deposit your single BTC as a margin and seek leverage up to 100 times, which expands your position to $950,000!
  • Thus, when the price of Bitcoin eventually rises, you will make a 100x profit of $100,000 instead of the original $1000 gain.

Why launch a leverage/margin exchange? What are the key benefits?

  • Progressive API integrations
  • Wider borrow limits
  • Improved return ratios
  • Perpetual profits
  • Flexibility for exchange owners to reutilize and shake up the funds
  • Deleveraging option

Must-have exclusive features for a leverage and margin trading platform:

  • Smart order routing that ensures high-performance and helps with automated determining of the best prices and optimization of orders.
  • Powerful matching trading engines
  • Standardized GDPR compliance
  • Risk management helps traders minimize loss values with options like Take Profit and Stop-Loss.
  • Perpetual Contract for setting margin limits
  • Conditional trading, allowing to set conditions for buying and selling at certain prices
  • Multi-Account Management that allows holding and managing multiple accounts, and to place bulk orders
  • Leverage options for FX, CFD etc
  • Automated Deleveraging — When the trader’s position is liquidated and if the liquidation cannot be filled when the Mark price reached the bankruptcy price, the exchange will automatically deleverage and take over the trader’s position.
  • Trading bonuses- rewarding the new users encouraging for more trades.

Few tricks that will help with better success rates in your trades:

  • Beginning with smaller position sizes and low leverages
  • Understanding how the trading technique works by starting out with a demo trade
  • Making use of the order types TP( Take Profit) and SL( Stop Loss) to gain better clarity
  • Dividing the position by spreading it into separate portions which help lower the risks
  • Setting clear profit goals and adhering to it.
  • Up to date knowledge about the technical factors involved, movement/ changes in the prices, regulatory factors, etc.
  • Clear idea about the interests to be paid for the leverage amounts borrowed.

We have a team dedicated and well-experienced developers who will offer one hundred percent pre-tested, reliable white label solutions for your cryptocurrency exchange with leverage platform. Our platforms are robust, feature-rich and are highly scalable. It can be customized according to each customer’s preferences. We guarantee high-end security and high-volume liquidity that enhances your business.

Our white-labeled exchange platform includes

  • Matching Engine with a volume of 20,000 TPS
  • Flexibility to handle up to 10 million users
  • Ability to allow 50,000 Transactions per second
  • Trading bots that enable customers with secure transactions and automatically adopt to advantageous choices for better profit results.
  • Integrated Liquidity provider
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Market Making
  • Enhanced security and cutting-edge technology set-up
  • $1 million demo dollars to help customers understand and learn trading strategies

By attaining Our Leverage/ Margin trading exchanges, you can raise millions!

See how:

For your understanding,

  • Taking the price of 1 BTC as $9,500 and if we charge an adequate transaction fee of 0.05%, then our earnings will be:
  • Thus, 100 orders per day will fetch you $47,500, while your monthly earnings will be $1.42 million. Finally, your annual earnings will be $17.1 million!

What can be more interesting than a platform that lets you increase your value up to 100BTC with just ONE! And a platform with end-to-end robust and cutting-edge features, security and technology solutions that guarantee high-profit and minimal loss, also helps you learn trading tricks and become a millionaire? So, reach out to us, launch your cryptocurrency platform with leverage in no time and join the millionaire club!

Originally published at on February 26, 2020.



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