How does a crypto development company set its flagship in the crypto market with its services? Let’s dig deeper…

In the 1990s, blockchain technology was still an academic concept for the thesis. Blockchains are distributed digital ledgers that record data without intermediaries. They have scalability, decentralization, and security as their core concepts. But, in less than two decades, the concept got its recognition with the inception of Bitcoin, and many applications started coming one by one which they transcended to more widespread applications, extending the virtual universe on the way.

Today, blockchain technology has become the buzzword, with many geeky startups verging into the domain. But, Blockchain App Factory, a firm with a steady global presence, has been one of the early adopters of the industry, and it has been working on the domains for more than half a decade. The company has added new technologies to its armor, enabling it to develop more blockchain-based applications as technology progresses towards a better future.

In this elaborate article, we will see the various applications that the seasoned experts at Blockchain App Factory develop for their clients.

✔️ NFTs

✔️ NFT Marketplaces

✔️ IDO Launchpad Development

✔️ DeFi applications

✔️ DAO Maker

✔️ Controlled Exchange

✔️ Centralized Exchange

✔️ Decentralized Exchange

✔️ Crypto Payment Gateway

✔️ Play to Earn Games

✔️ Tokenization Service

✔️ Smart contract development

✔️ Digital Marketing Service

✔️ STO Token Development

✔️ ICO Token Development, and more.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible token (NFT) is an innovation that has been in existence since 2014, although it first became widespread in 2017. Yet, it was not until late-2021 did these digital tokens have their high tide, and, since then, there has been no looking back. Their sales have been sky-rocketing since the boom started, and it is projected to go on at least for some more time. The experts at Blockchain App Factory can create NFTs backing digital/physical art, pixelated characters (punks), sports cards, in-game assets, music, video clips, memes, and more. With the metaverse technology developing so fast, the need for NFTs tends to increase, and so adopting the web realm of tomorrow will be smooth with these virtual tokens.

NFT Marketplaces

Even though many digital artists and celebrities got critical acclaim for being reasons for the NFT boom of 2021, real credit should be given to NFT marketplace platforms for facilitating all the NFT trades with minimal hassle. An NFT marketplace is an attractive business option for those who do not want to trade in NFTs but yet make income out of them. NFT marketplaces can either sell generic NFTs or niche-based NFTs. Some examples of NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, Solsea, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, NBA Top Shot, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland. Developing NFT marketplace platforms can have various difficulties. They can be created in three ways — from scratch, using a Whitelabel solution, or creating like an existing marketplace model such as OpenSea. Each of these methods incurs different costs and times so that people can leave their doubts out about the expenses involved in the process as a firm like Blockchain App Factory tends to be customer-centric and offer its services at friendly prices.

IDO Launchpads

Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) are tokens sold for fundraising by crypto startups. These tokens utilize decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs) for their trade, hence the name. These offerings came into existence to combat the shortcomings of the previous offering models and have proven to succeed in their mission by backing many great crypto projects. IDOs typically use launchpads, all-in-one platforms that provide all the information regarding a project and enable investors to invest in them. These IDO launchpads make it easy for people to look out and invest in great projects without the need of going to multiple portals to make informed decisions. Professionals at Blockchain App Factory can develop IDO launchpad applications as per the client’s requirements, including using Whitelabel solutions, integrating multi-chain and cross-chain compatibilities, and more.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Applications

Another application of blockchains whose usage surged during the NFT boom, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, enables traditional financial operations in the blockchain world. Using such platforms, one can lend, borrow, mortgage, and collateralize cryptocurrencies and NFT and pay back after some time. The decentralized nature of these applications means true peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions become possible, and hence, the need for centralized finance institutions might become minimal in the near future. Running a business based on DeFi would be a great option as more people get into the crypto world, and these people can be part of the next crypto revolution based on DeFi. Launching such applications is made easy thanks to the expertise of Blockchain App Factory, which has helped multiple ventures achieve their DeFi dream.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a launchpad that provides a kickstart to multiple kinds of crypto projects through their IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings) and IGOs (Initial Game Offerings). The platform started in 2019 when it sold its DAO tokens for selling Ether ($ETH). The platform makes it possible for small and medium-scale cryptopreneurs to participate in crowdfunding equally. DAO Maker uses selling methods like strong holder offerings, SEED sales, and dynamic coin offerings. DAO maker also allows staking its native DAO tokens, NFT, and stable coin farming, among other functionalities arriving soon. With the level of experience, the developers at Blockchain App Factory have, it will become easier for you to own a venture like DAO Maker or perform any business operations on the actual DAO Maker platform

Controlled Exchange

A controlled crypto exchange platform is one where only a limited number of coins are listed after extensive scrutinization. Such exchanges operate under the centralized policy but ensure that they only have popular and trusted crypto assets listed so that unnecessary chaos is avoided. A firm like Blockchain App Factory can help you with developing the software for controlled crypto exchange, using all their expertise gained over the years with systems that enable the controlling aspect.

Centralized Exchange

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where every transaction on the exchange is completed by a centralized authority. Although such exchanges seem to undermine the whole concept of cryptocurrencies, these platforms have garnered enough trust as they were the first applications of cryptocurrencies. People can buy or exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies, stable coins, or fiat money in such exchanges. These have helped many people to access the virtual world, and they have a big say in the crypto world as it develops. Having a business based on a centralized crypto exchange can be good. This is because most of the general public who get into the crypto world are not well-versed with the technicalities associated with cryptocurrencies. Hence, if you are planning to run a centralized exchange venture, Blockchain App Factory can assist you with developing the platform using their experience.

Decentralized Exchanges

To combat the main question that centralized exchanges posed, decentralized exchanges provided an elaborated answer. These platforms allow peer-to-peer transactions related to exchanging cryptocurrencies. Although these platforms have the same use as centralized exchanges, they have the facet of decentralization completed. These exchanges extensively use smart contracts to complete transactions, which means money is transferred instantly without any intermediary involvement. The concept gained traction during the DeFi surge, and it has been slowly developing ever since. Running a decentralized crypto exchange venture can be the ideal option if you want to make full use of the DeFi surge and be an early bird before the domain sees its high tide. Blockchain App Factory can help you with creating such exchanges through different methods while keeping in mind all your requirements are fulfilled.

Crypto Payment Gateway

With payments in cryptocurrency now increasingly supported by many real-world vendors, and countries adopting cryptocurrencies as additional legal tenders, crypto payment gateways play a major role in the transition from fiat to cryptos. Such a platform facilitates crypto payments, just like how Visa or GooglePay work in the fiat world. A crypto payment gateway platform can be the ideal business solution for those who want to explore a more real-worldly application of cryptocurrencies, and these platforms can make profits through levying service charges. Developing such platforms has been a core skill for the geeks at Blockchain App Factory, and they ensure that your new crypto payment gateway portal is here to stay for a long time.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games

Ever since blockchains came into existence, gaming experts have been keenly observing the advancements and slowly witnessed the rise of blockchain-based games. These games give players a Play-to-Earn (P2E) option that was not possible earlier. But now, transactions in the gaming universes have become two-way, and in-game rewards and assets can be traded for cryptocurrencies. Such an ability results in a passive income for players that has even helped many save their livelihoods during the global pandemic. Also, as the gaming world moves towards metaverses, it is the ideal time to start a venture based on a P2E gaming project as the future for these games is bright, according to reports. The game developers and blockchain professionals at Blockchain App Factory can provide you with a great helping hand with developing the game software and integrating it into the blockchain(s) of your choice.

Tokenization Services

With blockchains increasingly used everywhere, tokenization has become a great option as it has a lot of use, even in the real world. Tokenization is the process where an asset is fractionalized, and fractionalized tokens are sold to investors. Major applications in the current day include infrastructure projects, real estate, and exclusive artworks. Such tokens allow their buyers earn extra income in the case of real estate that has been rented, which is only a simple use case. If you want to tokenize your assets, Blockchain App Factory can assist you with the task of creating fractionalized tokens backing your assets quickly at affordable costs.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts have been a bloodstream for the NFT world to function and have become an important part of blockchains. Smart contracts are automated programs that execute an event, mostly bound to the legal transfer of ownership or similar ones. A typical smart contract would run if all the conditions given are met (including the payment part) and the assets are transferred to the buyer. These are executed using blockchains and result in eliminating third parties in verifying transactions and lengthy paperwork. These are expected to revolutionize how the real estate sector works as it has been notorious for its slow nature. Hence, if you are interested in creating smart contracts for your assets, professionals at Blockchain App Factory can aid you with the best development practices with all their experience.

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing has been a breathing domain for thousands of years, which has elevated itself to newer heights with the onset of digitization. And for blockchain-based applications, quality marketing is needed as the domain has not been relatively well understood by people, and many new users enter the world without having great knowledge of the crypto world. Apart from marketing the applications/products, good marketing practices inculcate knowledge for the target audience, and the crypto world has appreciated such marketing campaigns. Suppose you want to be well-known in the crypto world by attracting more users. In that case, Blockchain App Factory’s creative minds can devise and execute a wide array of marketing strategies that have proven to be successful before. Community forums, social media, press releases, and search engine optimization are some of the successful marketing tactics employed by the firm to exploit the widespread crypto universe.

STO Token Development

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are fundraising campaigns that offer physical securities to the investors for investing in a crypto project. The method came prevalent due to the bad attention that ICOs had garnered through scams and rug pull events. STOs essentially function like traditional stocks, where a share of assets, the right to vote on governance decisions, and dividends would be provided. Such perks make STOs an impressive option for new projects that have some physical assets to give out. If you are an enthusiastic project owner wanting to utilize STOs, Blockchain App Factory can help you with creating security tokens, ensuring that all requirements are met and your project gathers positive attention.

ICO Token Development

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are similar to initial public offerings (IPOs) but for crypto projects. The first ICOs occurred in 2017, after which a wave formed when many unfavorable events occurred, even though some successful ICO projects went on big. Keeping all the negativities aside as more regulations have followed, ICOs still can be a great option for newbie crypto entrepreneurs as the process to list an ICO is comparatively easy and qualifying criteria are minimal. Hence, if you are new to business in the crypto world and need to get some support, ICOs can be an excellent option.


Therefore, we can say that Blockchain App Factory has been pioneering working on different applications of blockchain technology and carrying out effective promotions. The firm’s services are acclaimed by clients who have tasted success with their business ventures. Hence, approaching Blockchain App Factory can be a great idea if you have a crypto business plan in mind and want to go further.




ICO's are passe Security Token Offering is now in Security Tokens are financial securities that offer an array of financial rights to the investor.

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