NFT Gaming Platform — Why are the Market Dominations Very High?

Gaming industries evolutions was too fast, and the changes that happened are tedious, they have influenced the way works and at the same number of players who plays the game has dramatically increased from a few million to billions. The gaming industry alone is a standalone firm where the improvements on the technology take place before they reach any other platform.

They dominate all the devices, and they are developed for all the resolutions from 2d games to high-textured 3D resolution games. The NFT and gaming industry collab will result in an outcome of restructured and revolutionalized Blockchain-based gaming platform. This blog will be a compilation of NFT gaming platforms that dominates the crypto world.

NFT Metaverse Gaming Platform

The Metaverse gaming platforms will have their platform where the users are given the storyline to do many activities similar to the real world. These NFT metaverse gaming platforms will have multiple ways to make revenue in the crypto space. They tend to provide an excellent platform for revenue generation. The assets acquired in the Metaverse can be tokenized and listed in the NFT marketplaces for trading. There are many NFT Metaverse gaming platforms in existence. Here are some of the examples,


Decentraland is one of the fantasy-based metaverse NFT platforms, where the user can create, sell and establish an ecosystem for themselves very easily. They promise to erect a virtual platform where the user can make huge revenue just by exploring and trading the virtual asset. This platform attracted many new gamers, and their debutant to the Decentraland gave a huge opening and opportunity for itself. Now Decentraland emerged as one of the biggest NFT platforms with a market cap of more than 1.3 Billion US Dollars.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity also lies under the NFT metaverse gaming platform category, where the game offers the users access and expands an alternate universe. More like Decentraland, the user can explore and create their own turfs on the universe. They also have an exclusive marketplace to sell their collected in-game assets as a Nonfungible token. The total trading volume in the Axie Infinity platform is more than 2.1 Billion dollars.

The metaverse concept has become a huge hit, and there are many NFT gaming platforms based on the Metaverse that are getting excellent outcomes in the crypto space. In the legacy of NFT gaming, this is just one part of them.

Theme Based NFT Gaming platforms.

This type of NFT gaming platform will have a theme or concept to depend upon in order to attract users. These gaming platforms, which are theme-based, will always have a flow to maintain, and their audience limit will also have a certain limit. On the other hand, there is a huge possibility of people’s involvement because of the exclusiveness it has. They establish their own ecosystem and which will be a great aid in bringing in more people to the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto Kitties

Crypto kitties are one of the most legendary NFTs with a very long history in the crypto space. They resemble the real-world kitty farm, and there are more than 700,000 plus successful sales happening on the platform. In which the total market volume they made is literally very high than any other similar NFT gaming platform.


Zed Run is also an NFT gaming platform that is based on the theme of horse racing. The horse in this platform can be bought with the money, and they involve breeding too. The horse can be mutated by combining two different horses inbreeding. These mutated NFTs will have advantages in winning the race. This creative idea of horse racing attracted many gamers and even people who love to gamble. The reputation of the NFT gaming platform Zed Run slowly earned its respect in the crypto space.

NFT Asset-Based Gaming Platform

Asset-like cards or any other object-based gaming platform which has a game structure similar to real-world games are getting attention in the crypto space. As they are more easy and relevant to play, and their revenue models are getting more attention.

Gods Unchained

This NFT gaming platform is a very good example of the NFT asset-based Gaming platform. Here are the trading cards as a primary key the trading is being carried out. The stats of the Gods Unchained say that gamers spent more than 87 Billion USD in just 2019 to buy the in-game asset. The platform foundation laid from a spark “If the gamers are ready to buy an asset that does no good when it comes out of the game, offering them the assets that can be sold outside of the game environment as NFT will definitely face a huge hit.” Now the NFT gaming platforms are growing vigorously in all possible ways.

Wrapping Up

The NFT gaming industry’s evolution is very fast, and they are emerging as a sole market that works only in the virtual world. The boundless ability the gamers get to trade the asset will be the key point that keeps the NFT gaming platform above the top. More than the gamers, the people who get benefited by the NFT gaming industry are the people who own the platforms. The revenue they make is very high compared to the sale of an NFT.



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