Now, People can have Web Domains Resembling Web3 Elements!

Quik, an NFT domain name marketplace, has rolled out newer domain names, including .vr, .web3, and .metaverse, for users to mint.

The Quik platform offers total ownership to the users for the domain names they have minted, and they would not have problems related to censorship and third-party involvement as they are ICANN-free.

The domain NFTs are available in ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-721, and BEP-1155, and they allow decentralized transactions with enhanced security. Users can view the history of the NFT domains on the blockchain as they are registered on publicly accessible networks.

The masterminds behind the Quik NFT marketplace expect that the buzz around Web3, VR, and metaverses could spark a huge revolution in domain names that reflect such ventures’ nature. Since the ownership belongs to the minter, they can transfer the domains secondarily, and they can even have a 5–10% royalty on subsequent sales.

With the world transitioning from Web2 to Web3, it is essential for businesses to reflect on their relation with Web3 as much as possible. Internet domain names are the best way to do so as they serve as initial points of access for a person.

Hence, an NFT domain marketplace like Quik can be a great Web3 business opportunity if you are looking for a niche sector that could grow in the near future. Approach an experience Web3 applications development firm to know more about realizing your ambitious business ideas developed as per your needs at affordable costs.



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