Top 20 NFT Marketplace Development Firms in 2022!

It’s 2022, and Web3 has been one of the hottest trends due to numerous innovations that arise from problems caused by Web2. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been one of the technological breakthroughs the world has seen in recent years, and their popularity has skyrocketed by leaps and bounds in a short time. Many entrepreneurs capitalized on these virtual tokens through platforms called NFT marketplaces, which allowed people to buy and trade NFT products. For starters, in the Web3 business space, working with a recognized firm will be more comfortable than creating in-house resources. This blog details the top 20 NFT marketplace development firms in 2022.

1. Blockchain App Factory

As an industry leader in NFT marketplace development, Blockchain App Factory offers unmatched services for its clients. It has capabilities to create marketplaces from scratch and readymade solutions, both of which can be customized to fit the clients’ interests. Experts from the firm have the expertise in developing platforms in all prominent blockchain networks. One can be assured of having their NFT marketplaces with all the requested features at competitive prices.

2. Chaincella

Chaincella is another leading firm in NFT marketplace development that has been in business for a long time. The firm can craft marketplace platforms from the ground up or solutions similar to popular platforms like OpenSea or Rarible. It generally has good reviews across the internet, which justifies the efforts that the company has put into creating such platforms for its global clients.

3. Infinite Block Tech Best NFT Marketplace Development Company

Infinite Block Tech helps startups that have been leading NFT marketplace business platforms in the USA access cutting-edge services for the NFT industry. With the use of its NFT development innovations, it can now offer NFT software solutions for various industries, including media, websites, recording content memberships, apparel, sporting events, professional sports, investment management, infrastructure investment, and P2P trade, and more.

4. LeewayHertz
Over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms have been created by LeewayHertz, a company that has been in business for ten years. Its NFT marketplace serves a range of niches, including those for art, games, music, digital collectibles, sports, and real estate. It is one of the most respected NFT development companies that primarily serve clients looking for solutions to start using their platforms immediately rather than spending months constructing them.

5. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
Although the name of the firm might fool you, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script has actually started creating NFT marketplace solutions in recent times. The company is popular for its so-called “scripts” that are programmable software solutions based on various Web3 business models. Now, it has expanded to NFT marketplaces, with the capability to work from scratch and its famous scripts for multiple domains in the Web3 world.

6. AppDupe
Another competitive firm in the NFT marketplace development scene, AppDupe, has been building prolific marketplace platforms for a long time. The firm’s professionals are well-versed in utilizing popular blockchain networks for their solutions developed from scratch and clone scripts. It has been evolving its skillsets in the last few years when it comes to NFT marketplaces, which makes the firm an exciting prospect to take the lead in the future.

7. Turnkey Town
A premier provider of app development services, Turnkey Town, is an expert in NFT token marketplace development services. To exchange NFTs, people can start a peer-to-peer marketplace platform. Many clients have requested their help in launching an NFT marketplace across many blockchain networks, including Polygon, Cardano, BNB Chain, TRON, Ethereum, and so forth.

8. Inoru
Inoru is a Web3 development startup that has scaled heights in its short stay in the virtual world. The company’s expert team across all facets of NFT marketplace development has been one of the best in the space. With access to modern technology and novel ideologies in development, Inoru can be considered for developing NFT marketplace platforms that will be full of extraordinary features.

9. Antier Solutions
A leading developer of NFT marketplaces with a strong presence in decentralized apps is Antier Solutions. They assist companies in creating their own NFT marketplace to coordinate the offering, purchasing, and trading assets backed by Non-fungible tokens. The firm offers on-demand customizable platforms for a variety of digital assets. The NFT development service provider provides the ability to create clones of well-known and successful marketplace platforms in order to imitate their success.

10. Maticz
Matics has been around for more than five years and currently employs more than 50 people. The company provides domain-specific NFT marketplace development solutions for Art, Music, Games, Real Estate, and other Digital Collectibles. Every marketplace application the company creates for clients is known for including crucial features that can be launched within a week. Rarible, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Enjin, and Xeno are the most well-known applications for which the company has premade solutions.

11. Chetu
Chetu is a software development company that recently ventured into the NFT marketplace space. Being a new player, the firm has punched above its heights by working with exciting Web3 startups that have tasted success within months of their launch. The focus of the firm in 2022 is to expertise in development from scratch, based on which a customizable solution would be framed that will work across blockchains.

12. Bitdeal
Bitdeal is a blockchain enterprise solution provider which has been excelling in creating NFT marketplaces for its customers. The company has the capabilities to develop exquisite marketplaces through its expertise. Experts from the company also have constructed platforms resembling famous NFT marketplace ventures such as OpenSea, Rarible, Solsea, Foundation, and CryptoPunks. A factor that puts Bitdeal on this list is that it launches its projects promptly, a rare feat nowadays.

13. Unicsoft
A European Web3 development firm, Unicsoft has been a key player in NFT marketplace development. The firm excels in creating platforms that precisely match client requirements. Such excellence, combined with an efficient resource-managing scheme, has been the reason behind the firm’s success in the era where outsourcing NFT marketplace software development has become commonplace. One can approach the firm if they need easily accessible experts for their projects.

14. Clarsico
A startup based in India, Clarsico masters NFT marketplace development in various blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana. The young and dynamic professionals in the firm work diligently to ensure that the projects are completed on time with all requirements getting satisfied. It also has to experience developing platforms similar to niche domains such as art, music, video, collectibles, and game assets.

15. Alwin
One of the most well-known NFT marketplace development businesses, Alwin Technologies, provides customized services to meet client needs. They have a separate team of blockchain and Ethereum professionals who produce top-notch, market-ready NFT marketplace platforms for organizations and people.

16. Appinventiv
Founded in 2015, Appinventiv is a non-fungible token development firm. The company is breaking records for the growth of the NFT market and employs more than 650 specialists. The firm creates solutions enriched with all necessary features and functionality and offers a wide range of services for various markets. It has earned the distinction of being one of the top NFT marketplace development businesses because of its broad range of products that strive to meet the needs of NFT aficionados.

17. Sparx IT Solutions
A firm that started to develop IT software has now adopted Web3 elements to its arsenal. The company’s leading expertise in 2022 is NFT marketplace development, which has surpassed its original expertise. The firm has been creating excellent platforms that have been contributing to the success of multiple Web3 startups based on the marketplace business model.

18. Suffescom Solutions
The well-known NFT token marketplace development company Suffescom Solutions assists many business owners that need assistance with NFT marketplace development. On its website, the business emphasizes quality deliverables, a client-centered strategy, honesty, and transparency. Suffescom provides a wide range of comprehensive services to build NFT marketplaces, starting with Rarible, SuperRare, or OpenSea. Over 150 professionals are working together to provide top-notch NFT marketplace development services, exceeding market expectations.

19. Hashstudioz
Hashstudioz Technologies is a market leader in product creation and houses a large community of tech professionals. They have established numerous NFT marketplaces that are used by millions of users and have a team of engineers, developers, analysts, programmers, blockchain professionals, and marketers. The NFT marketplace development company incorporates each functionality found in well-known NFT marketplaces. It successfully develops clones to help businesses build their own NFT marketplace and obtain market traction.

20. Osiz Technologies
Another exciting firm based in India, Osiz Technologies, works exclusively on blockchain solutions, with NFT marketplace development being one of its core capabilities. The company is proficient in developing NFT marketplaces similar to various famous businesses in the domain using its fantastic White label solutions. Its expertise across multiple areas of Web3 development can be seen well with expert teams in front-end, back-end, design, and testing.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, we can say that NFT marketplace development has taken a huge position in 2022, despite the crypto crash earlier in the year. Many startups with exciting ideas have felt the need for NFT marketplaces, and developing them has become easier with the above firms. If you want to build a similar venture platform, approaching one of the above NFT marketplace development firms will be a no-brainer.



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