TRON MLM Smart Contract — Is It The Reliable Future of the MLM Business

Introducing The TRON Smart Contact MLM Platform

Given the fact that multi-level marketing has faced its criticism for the lack of transparency and efficiency, introducing blockchain technology to this classic method of marketing could be the game-changer that the business and its proponents wanted. Let us look at a specific case of the blockchain called TRON, and help the growing enthusiasm for TRON MLM smart contract development can radically alter the business landscape of MLMs in the near future.

A bit about MLM

Multi-Level marketing, commonly abbreviated MLM has always shared a love-hate relationship with the crowd and the judicial system. On one side, they have been responsible for the creation of a lot of millionaires who might not have had a chance to make it. On the other side, it has also been responsible for rendering a lot of investors bankrupt inviting a lot of flak.

How do MLM companies work?

As the name implies, a multilevel marketing company has different levels of independent sales representatives who get rewarded based on two factors: the commission that they can earn on the number of sales that they can directly bring, and the commission that they can earn from the sales effected by people who they have referred into the network in a lower level than them.

As you can see, the reward depends on the traceability of a particular sale to an individual. Also, since the number of both direct and indirect referrals, calculating your referral bonus and commission can involve complex mathematics. Only upon the verification of the claims of referred sales and commissions from the sales of your preferred representatives, the payment is disbursed to the bank accounts of the independent sales representatives of the MLM.

Diving deeper into the MLM industry

The multi-level marketing industry can function in various methods like referral marketing, network marketing, direct marketing, and social selling. There are different types of business plans including but not limited to pyramids, binary plans, broad plans, metric plans, Unilever MLM plans, hybrid, Australian, stairstep, generation, and monoline plans.

Each plan has its own system of compensation and performance grading, and the opportunities to earn vary according to the plan on which the MLM functions.

The MLM Challenges

One of the biggest reasons why multilevel marketing companies face criticism is because of the lack of transparency and extremely convoluted compensation plans.

In all of this, MLM has to be appreciated for cutting down the costs associated with the middleman and making the product users brand ambassadors, and also rewarding them for the sales that they bring in.

It is true that if the entire system can be made transparent, accountable, automatic, and free from the allegations of manipulation, MLM is sure to increase its appeal of being a viable earning idea.

Introducing the blockchain

If you were to re-read the challenges mentioned above, it would be quite evident that the blockchain can be the solution that the MLM industry was looking for. Introducing blockchain technology into the world of multilevel marketing can aid complete decentralization, make transactions autonomous and transparent, and also greatly enhance security.

There are different blockchains that have been created across ages and for different purposes. Bitcoin which can be considered the first and foremost among the blockchain networks is purely a cryptocurrency platform. However, Ethereum, the second on the list when it comes to popularity, has been the go-to blockchain for a lot of applications including but not limited to smart contracts.

Smart contracts… In detail

Now that we are talking about smart contracts, we will need to know what they exactly are. A smart contract, as the name implies, is a contract that serves to enforce certain conditions. However, unlike physical contacts that are printed on paper, these smart contracts are tiny pieces of software that reside right within the blockchain.

They are designed to get triggered upon the fulfillment of certain conditions. These smart contracts can be considered the epicenter of utility that blockchain technology and its derivatives offer.

Its relevance can be filled in every territory that the MLM industry looks forward to optimizing — payout of commissions, traceability of sale, and transparency.

Combining Ethereum smart contract and MLM

The flexibility of Ethereum has made it a subject of multiple modifications in line with the specific business requirements. One such manifestation of the Ethereum blockchain is the TRON. TRON has been the go-to blockchain for MLM businesses.

The advantages of TRON

One of the most obvious advantages of the TRON blockchain over Ethereum is the number of transactions it can handle. While the Ethereum blockchain can handle about 130 transactions per second, the TRON blockchain can handle about 2000 transactions per second and without any transaction fees involved. The proof of stake architecture, the lower possibilities of DDoS attacks, and its minimal design oriented towards better performance makes it the preferred choice for MLM software.

The general advantages

In addition to the specific benefits of TRON, there are a lot of other general advantages that a blockchain can bring to MLM businesses. In addition to the usual advantages that we have discussed like the elimination of fraudulent activities, enhanced transparency, traceability, better security, and automation, the TRON blockchain also renders the involvement of third parties obsolete making the entire process more cost-efficient, not bleeding out the money in such payments.

One of the most inherent properties of the blockchain is that it is universally accessible and does not depend on any centralized body like a government or a bank. This means that when you build your own smart contract MLM on TRON, you are literally opening the floodgates to universal access.

It is quite known that the growth of an MLM depends on the number of recruits and universal operation is the panacea that many MLMs have been looking for. When you operate with a TRON smart contract MLM platform, it is quite possible that you can’t reach even the remotest of places and at the same time, keep up with the trust and promptness that people expect their payments to be handled with.


Considering all the advantages, it would now be evident that the TRON MLM smart contract could be the backbone of a globally successful MLM business. If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs, all you need to do is invest in TRON MLM smart contract development.

You can get in touch with companies that specialize in smart contract-based MLM software on TRON. They will take care to handle the entire process of smart contract-based MLM software development on TRON, and will deliver you the script customized with your branding elements and business requirements.




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