FluidityFactora Presents a Dai-Integrated Real Estate-Backed Token & Bitbond Is Issuing a Tokenized Bond

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More than once, we’ve heard someone say that tokenized securities are, as a Dutch saying goes, “old wine in new bottles”. The argument goes that they are digital securities, and do not fit with ‘the ideals of blockchain’, such as decentralization.

But as the new company AllInfra also indicates (see below), tokenization can have a democratizing effect.

In particular, it may allow small(er) investors to invest in and hold (pieces of) privately held assets that are currently out of their reach. And in this sense, tokenization may well contribute to these ideals that many find so important.


Although we are not very bullish on permissionless distributed ledgers becoming dominant, we nonetheless believe that they may leave a permanent mark in the securities value chain.

— From The Future of the Securities Value Chain whitepaper by Swiss stock exchange operator SIX.


🇩🇪 Lending platform Bitbond has gotten the go-ahead from the German securities regulator BaFin to issue a tokenized bond. By investing in the Stellar-based Bitbond token, investors will receive a 1% interest every quarter, plus a variable annual coupon.

☀️ Consensys has invested in AllInfra, which aims to democratize access to unlisted infrastructure, through Ethereum-based asset tokenization. Their first project will be in the solar energy space.

🌇 The new Fluidity/Propellr partnership FluidityFactora has launched a tokenized real estate project called FACTOR-805. The token represents a Brooklyn-based residential and retail construction project — interestingly, investors can both purchase and receive payment in either $ or the Dai stable coin.

💱 Securitize’s co-founder Jamie Finn announced on Telegram thattokenized fund 22x is now trading on Open Finance Network.

🇱🇺 The Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies passed a new law, providing blockchain-based securities with the same legal status as traditional securities.


👛 Last week, JPMorgan launched its so-called ‘JPM coin’. Whatever you think of it, here’s an interesting analysis from the people at Diar.

⚰️ Here’s a critical article from AboveBoard’s founder Andy Singleton, who’s saying the STO market is “near death”. While we don’t agree with all of his points, it has certainly sparked extensive discussion on the state of the market.


🇧🇷 Brazilian investment bank Banco BTG Pactual is issuing a tokenized security backed by distressed real estate assets, to raise up to $15 million. The STO will leverage the Gemini dollar, a stablecoin.

😌 Content curation platform Wakelet, founded in 2011, is issuing a tokenized security to “incentivize user growth and build search functionality”. Little info available, however.


As we mentioned in our previous issue, we’ll be at the Fintech Disruption Summit in Copenhagen next week, giving a presentation on the fundamentals of security token design.

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