How to create a wallet for your SET tokens

A step-by-step guide on how to create Ethereum wallets on your desktop and mobile phone to participate in the Securosys ITO

The Securosys Tokens (SET) are based on a blockchain called Ethereum. To store, send and receive assets (called tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain you need a wallet. It works just like your cash wallet but if it is set up correctly it will be much more secure.

When you create a wallet you will create a pair of keys (like key and lock). One is the public address that is used to identify you (like an email address) and one is the private key, like a very long and complex password to your wallet. NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The possession of your private key equals the possession of your assets. There is no way of recovering your private key when you lose it. Do not get scared about this, there are a few simple steps to follow and you are safe.

We created two guides: one for your desktop and one for your mobile phone (iOS device).

How to create a wallet on your desktop

To create a wallet on your desktop we advise you to use Google Chrome with the extension MetaMask. Follow these simple steps:

Go to the MetaMask website:

Select the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome (also available Firefox, Opera and Brave) and install it.

A new icon will show up in your browser on the top right with a small fox (MetaMask logo). Click on it and accept the privacy notice.

Create a password. Make this a strong password using letters, numbers, and special characters. If you feel unsafe about remembering it, write it down on a piece of paper and store it safely (DO NOT save it on your computer though).

After that MetaMask creates your wallet and you are presented 12 words that seem very random. These words are a simplified way to remember your private key. Write them down on a piece of paper (DO NOT STORE THEM ON YOUR DEVICE). These words are the key to your assets, handle them like you would handle your most valuable thing. Never lose them or give them to anyone else.

In case you lose your password or use a different computer or wallet service, you can use these 12 words to restore and access your wallet.

Congratulations, you have just created a safe vault for your SET tokens to be stored in.

To participate in the SET token sale you need to provide us with your public address. We will now show you how to obtain that address:

Open MetaMask:

This public address you can share for any purpose (participating in an ITO, receiving funds or tokens), there is no danger to it.

How to create a wallet using your iPhone

Go to and tap the App Store icon (Android version is pending at the time of writing this aricle).

Download the app and follow the instructions given in the app. Make sure to take any security warnings given very serious. DO NOT screenshot or write down your secret phrase on your iPhone!

Here is our step-by-step guide

Find the MEWconnect app in the App Store and download it.

Open the app, tap “CREATE NEW WALLET” and follow the instructions provided in the process. Create a secure password for your wallet and make sure it says “Great!” below the password.

After this the phone will create and encrypt your keys.

Now you need to back up your wallet in case you lose your phone or get a new one. Take the security comments serious and do not screenshot your backup words!

You are ready to use your Ethereum address now and can use it to participate in the Securosys ITO. To copy it, simply use the “share” logo next to your address and copy it to your clipboard:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch in case you need any further assistance. We have a thread on Reddit with this article here and you can email us via the contact section on our website

Thank you for your interest in the Securosys ITO. We are glad to welcome you as a participant in the ITO. If you have any additional questions regarding the ITO, please feel free to reach out via one of our social media outlets or via contact form.

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