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Real Time Data — TPS Engage and AdMobilize partner to accelerate DOOH video analytics adoption

TPS Engage and AdMobilize are partnering to offer unique added value to Digital Out of Home screen owners and advertisers globally.

Digital Out of Home is going through a revolution. Real time data is the oil that keeps the flame burning, which is why the two companies are doing their part in helping the industry reinvent itself.

TPS Engage’s integrated network partners now have the possibility to install AdMobilize’s real time privacy compliant AI face-detection software on relevant digital screens without incurring any costs, fixed or otherwise.

“AdMobilize and TPS Engage have a shared vision of providing more transparency and data-driven decisions within the Digital Out of Home industry. Our mission is to have compliant video analytics on any relevant digital billboard in the world by 2025. This is why we are taking the leap and offering our partner networks a solution that brings them to the frontline of the DOOH tech industry without any associated risk — we now have the experience and are in the position to eliminate any of the friction when it comes to new technology” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.

Rodolfo Saccoman, AdMobilize’s CEO states, “our partnership with TPS Engage allows media owners, of any size, to immediately improve the value of their networks. TPS Engage’s offering provides an attractive ROI solution to implement cutting edge technologies in enabling media owners to deploy programmatic-ready networks at scale. The combination of ground-truth data with automated programmatic revenue is becoming a driving force for increasing OOH revenues and transparency for the brands.”

AdMobilize is the world’s leading AI computer vision analytics company for digital signage, DOOH, OOH, and brick and mortar at scale. AdMobilize’s solution provides GDPR compliant completely anonymous audience information such as gender, age, sentiment and in-depth traffic intelligence by analyzing data in real-time.

TPS Engage is the largest cross-border dynamic Digital Out of Home platform, helping both SMBs and companies like Samsung, Heineken, P&G, Uber, Coca-Cola, Foodpanda and more to optimise their digital outdoor campaigns using any type of data as a content trigger. TPS Engage’s works with over 100.000 screens in 25 countries.



TPS Engage (now Blindspot) is connecting Digital-Out-of-Home screens and making them smarter, more efficient and readily available to anyone at a fraction of the cost it would take today to advertise through digital indoor and outdoor screens. Find us at

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