The Easiest New Way to Save $100 Every Month Living in Toronto!

An extra $100 a month might not sound like much to some but saving $100 a month is $1,200 a year and $1,200 a year is one extra amazing trip or retirement a few years early… So if you can’t wait to retire, love to travel or just want to save money read this post!!

As the title says this is the easiest new way to save money… So easy in fact, that it pains me to write it because its so simple but I want to write it and I want you to benefit from it. Here it is: Download the New Free App: Seecows. (

Seecows lets you save money at your favorite restaurants, bars and activities like Groupon — but without ever having to pre-pay for the deals. You simply save it to your Seecows wallet and use it at the store. The app is so good that a lot of the same offers that go up on Groupon end up on Seecows but on Seecows you don’t have to pre-purchase the deal — which is annoying and frustrating if you end up not using them.

Seecows allows you to follow your favorite companies so you can get their last minute and exclusive offers — only available to their Seecows following.

The app is simple to use and growing. Every week they have more and more new restaurants, bars and services on board and it makes saving money simple, fun and easy.

Right now, they have deals on Seecows from: BierMarkt, Live Food Bar, DQ, Mr. Sub, Maki My Way, The Steady Cafe, and more!

Saving money with mobile coupons should be easy and fun and shouldn’t cost you any time to save money. So if you want to save an extra $1,200+ this year — download Seecows and $ave Dat Money!

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