Startup Wars

There’s No Need To Go Solo

In beginning of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker is saved by the mysterious “Ben” Kenobi after being attacked by the sand people. Ben reveals himself to be Obi Wan, the great teacher of The Force. He then becomes Luke’s guide and mentor on his path to success.

Just to clarify straight of the the bat, you (the startup) are the hero of this story.

You’ve already had the idea and clarified it, you have a product/service off the ground, but have run into some sand people or maybe even the Death Star…. and are need some Obi Wan-style guidance. The type(s) of guidance you require maybe:

  • Branding - who are you?, how you present yourself? and visual design
  • Marketing - best avenues to pursue and position your product/service in the marketplace
  • Technical - actually building the product and development
  • Funding - how to get/raise funding and how to distribute it effectively

The good news is, we can guide you through any (and all) of the above problems you may have.

Through professional experience and a number of avenues, tools and resources we can assist you. You can get in touch with us to learn the ways of The Force. All problems are different, but all can be overcome..

Obi Wan encouraged Luke and gave him an action plan. But it was up to Luke to face his fears internally (can he do it? can he become a Jedi? Can he master The Force?) and externally (can he destroy the Death Star and save the Rebellion?).

No matter what point you’re at in your Startup journey, we all need guidance. Even a Jedi needs help from time to time! Sometimes you just need a little encouragement, some practical tools and a little push to overcome your problem.

So, let’s do it! Let’s destroy that Death Star! Because you can master The Force and become a Startup Jedi with a little guidance.

If you’re more of a visual person, you can view Startup Wars infographic here with all the above information.