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Introducing Seed Club, a Social Token Incubator

tl/dr: Launch a Social Token with us. We’re a group of early social token issuers, technologists and thought leaders collaborating to help creators conceptualize and launch Social Token projects. Our collaborators include:

Alex Masmej ($ALEX), Priyanka Desai (The LAO), Brian Flynn ($JAMM), James Duncan (Abridged), Joon Ian Wong ($JOON), Reuben Bramanathan ($CNSL), Cooper Turley (Social Token Agency), Bradley Miles (Roll), Carlos ($SWAGG), Jess Sloss ($TALL), Collab Land, Roll, Forefront, (and maybe you?)

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2020 is the Year of the Creator

Driven by new platforms, revenue streams and the desires of fans to support the creators they love, the role of “Creator” has emerged as a practical entrepreneurial path for the 21st Century.

Subscriptions, memberships, merch drops, live streams and more have helped to unleash new creative potential, led to new revenue generating opportunities and enabled more creators to make a good living from their work.

A flurry of recent essays have helped us all make more sense of this emerging economy.

The Passion Economy and the Future of Work, Unbundling Work from Employment, The Ownership Economy, Squad Wealth and the Participatory Economy all describe a new economic future that empowers the creator.

Social Tokens Empower Creator and Fan

We believe that Social Tokens will play an important role in this new economy, unleashing creative potential and leading to new business models for creators and their communities.

Social Tokens represent a new way for creators, brands and communities to create value together. They enable the creation of individual crypto-economies with a digital asset at its core and offer creators new ways to engage their audience and monetize their work.

Social tokens provide fans with financial incentive and reward them with ownership for their early support and continuing collaboration. This subtle innovation creates a participatory marketplace between creator and audience and unlocks economic opportunities and increases engagement for both creators and fans.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how Social Tokens will be used by creators, communities and brands.

It’s Early and Social Tokens aren’t for Everyone.

We’ve seen early signs of success with projects like $KARMA, $WHALE and $JAMM, $CHERRY, $ALEX and more together generating millions of dollars in market cap. But there’s much to figure out before the value will be obvious to more mainstream creators and their communities.

Crypto First, Then Mainstream

The gap between crypto native and mainstream communities has never been more narrow, but a gap still exists.

Creators, whether it be the crypto native or more mainstream, are all exploring similar questions. What’s the best business model to make this work sustainable, how do we grow our audiences and create value for fans and supporters? And how do I make sure I’m not locked into platforms that might change the rules on me in the future?

We believe crypto can help solve these problems, and create novel ways for creators and communities to profit. We also believe that it will be up to crypto native projects to figure out solutions, not mainstream creators.

Launch a Social Token with Seed Club.

Launching a successful token is more complicated than launching a newsletter or youtube channel. Creators need to design the economic mechanisms that lead to a flourishing community, launch and distribute their tokens, navigate the worlds of liquidity and figure out how to grow value alongside their early community.

That’s why we’re launching the Seed Club, a social token incubator.

We’ve brought together a stellar group of early social token issuers, technologists and entrepreneurs to help creators conceptualize, create and launch a Social Token.

We partner with creators, bringing access and insight from a diverse group of advisors, marketers, token designers and technologists, who all share in the upside of successful projects.

Seed Club is an experimental incubator for community creators, builders, and dreamers. We’d love for you to join us.

To learn more, to collaborate or to join our inaugural cohort visit


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