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Jul 13 · 4 min read

Hello Community,

Today we are ready to share an exciting announcement about our collaboration with CryptoBlades on their new game, which will come with many great features and mechanics that will evolve the current CryptoBlades game into a complete world, with lands, guilds, buildings, new sets of gameplay such as raid mechanisms, PvP, PvE, dungeons, and many more to immerse players into the world of CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

We have been discussing the features and gameplay of the evolution of CryptoBlades with the team for over a month, carefully crafting the elements that will make CryptoBlades, the already most played blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain, to new heights. We will aim to become the most played game in the entire blockchain ecosystem, also bringing features that will tap into the gamers who have never played a blockchain-based game before.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms will have its own 1000x1000 grid map, with different kinds of tiers of lands, where some will be randomly given to players, and others you can buy according to your gameplay strategy, and others you have to raid, and own that way.

The land system will be governing the base mechanics of the game, where each land will come with different advantages and resources, and where alliance/guild based play will play a critical role in your quest towards the CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

While some of these lands will be neutral places where you can grow your kingdom and resources without having the chance to lose them, whereas in other territories there will be Player vs Player, and Guild vs Guild gameplay. Of course lands that are in PvP areas will also come with its own set of advantages that will make owning and acquiring them much more appealing.

Some of the base names we have given to these lands are:

  • Empty
  • Friendly
  • Hostile
  • Barbarian
  • Abandoned

Some of these lands owned by players, as well as most resources in the game will also be tradeable, and from each in-game trade in between players. There will be a burning mechanism built-in, so the token of the game, KING, can have a deflationary aspect.

While most games are producing more and more tokens and items, CryptoBlades Kingdoms has a deflationary mechanism, as well as what we call “game sinks” which are implemented through PvP and PvE features, so the economy of the game improves as we gain more users. In most AAA multiplayer games, these game-sinks are integral to achieve realistic market and trade economies.

In the same way, we have carefully crafted certain scenarios and features, so that players can be immersed in the game mechanics while simultaneously improving the game economy.

Another exciting element of CryptoBlades Kingdoms will be its “Guilds” feature. Guilds are a way to form friends, communities, and alliances that will make the game experience more immersive. Additionally, CryptoBlades Kingdoms PvP areas will be high-risk and high-reward opportunities for the best players to fight for the rarest resources, items, and lands in the game.

In order to fight against the most powerful enemies, or to enter exclusive dungeons to win legendary, powerful items, players will need to form teams and enact strategies to stay on top of the leaderboards in the CryptoBlades Kingdoms metaverse.

Also for players who want to form their own Guild, they will be responsible for ensuring the economic health and upkeep of their guild through expanding infrastructures and defenses, organizing raids and dungeons, and collecting Guild dues. Exclusive Guild Zones, and Guild Islands, will become the primary source of some of the most powerful items in the game.

As with many carefully crafted AAA games, CryptoBlades Kingdoms will also have quests, some being daily, some being special events based during certain occasions, and others being quests completely focused on guild based gameplay. Through these quests, we aim to achieve a player-base that visits the CryptoBlades Kingdoms metaverse daily, becoming active members of the game, while providing these active players more opportunities to earn income, items, and resources.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms is a game that will test the limits of what is being visioned from a blockchain based game. While we don’t want to give all the features of the CryptoBlades Kingdoms as of yet, expect more announcements and updates from CryptoBlades team, and team in the very near future.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms will also embrace the SKILL token, as well as the items, and progress that current CryptoBlades players have made, in the form of a variety of features. The current characters will become the generals of your armies in CryptoBlades Kingdoms. The items you hold will be granting new advantages to the mercenaries of each general, and SKILL tokens will be needed in order to have the greatest generals, who will win the fiercest battles, and bring honor to your army, your guild, and your kingdom.

Play. Conquer. Earn.

Developed by CryptoBlades Team, the developers of the most played game (CryptoBlades) on Binance Smart Chain.

P.S. We also have a lottery where you can be win a random land from the upcoming CryptoBlades Kingdoms metaverse. You can join here:


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Seedify is an incubator & launchpad platform for blockchain games and gamers. Through holding SFUND, become eligible to participate in Initial Game Offerings.