Blockchain Gaming Launchpad — The New Goals & Team Formations

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Jul 25 · 6 min read

Success is often the sum of daily efforts produced daily. And the best way to get more things produced, is to have a team of focused, determined and skilled individuals who execute towards a common goal.

In this third article, regarding the changes that are happening at Seedify, while we are moving towards a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad with completely new approaches, let’s define the goals of the new Seedify more clearly first.

Then sharing our new team formations will be much more relatable, and you will be able to see the vision of the future just like we do.

The new Seedify’s goal can be simplified with one phrase: “being the most impactful Blockchain Gaming Launchpad”. This goal requires doing certain efforts consistently, through focus, determination and excellence of not just one person, but a team of skilled individuals.

Let’s now dive deeper into the sub-goals that we need to achieve in order to create this impact in our focus area, which is blockchain gaming. And then, share with you all our new team formations;

  • Providing quality blockchain gaming projects consistently at our Launchpad. So we can always bring new IDO projects to be excited about, unleash more value for our community, and grow exponentially through marketing the success stories&outcomes.
  • Helping the creation of new epic blockchain gaming projects through our incubator and supporting them towards mass adoption. So we can bring to you new and great exclusive gaming projects that are launched only at
  • Focusing on marketing and awareness efforts with an ever increasing resourcefulness, creativity, and opportunistic mindset. So we can always continue to grow our community size, and be extremely beneficial to gaming projects that will launch through us.
  • Improving our product, user experience, and value propositions consistently to increasing levels. So that we can serve both the community within the blockchain ecosystem, and gamers who have are not experienced with blockchain but looking to buy their first blockchain gaming tokens to derive more benefits from play to earn features.

These 4 goals executed through focused team formations, and skilled team members in their areas will support increasing the amount of impact we can make for gaming projects, gamers, SFUND holders, and those who are in places where play to earn mechanisms will provide a way out of unfortunate financial situations, especially in nations where play to earn incomes will excel above wages.

Blockchain gaming is the underdog that will create an enormous adoption for the blockchain revolution to continue, but much more than that, it will change many lives all around the world.

Knowing that the work we will do will impact many people’s lives positively is the best drive for us to work relentlessly, and look at “work” differently.

The New Team Formations

Now let us detail out the new team formations that will help us achieve the goals mentioned above.

First of all, in order to bring quality gaming projects consistently to Launchpad, we needed a Clockwork system.

For this we created an organizational structure with 3 teams:

Ambassador group: will be finding new projects that are looking for a launchpad that can be launched at, and will do the initial research and due diligence

Due diligence group: will be researching everything about the project, from their initial market cap, to their vesting periods to credentials of the team members, and share their reports with business development group

Business development group: will be starting the communications with the projects, create the relationships, pitch, and onboard them to launch at Blockchain Gaming Launchpad

In addition to our ambassadors who have been working with us since the start, we have launched a due diligence group with the most active community members of Seedify, so there can be unbiased community opinions regarding projects we are looking to launch.

Also our core business development team now consists of 4 people! With 3 of our members being part time initially, and 1 senior position being full time.

(To keep this article focused and compact, we will share the biographies and backgrounds of our new hires in a different article. Otherwise it will be way too much to consume, so in this article we will only go through the roles and responsibilities of team formations.)

Besides this formation above, our business development team will also work towards relationships with game developers for new incubated projects; and new partnership developments to bring stronger fundamentals/cross-marketing opportunities.

Let’s now move onto Marketing Formations:

Regarding the marketing side, now has 3 team members in the marketing team. One of these members being cofounder of a consistently award winning content & creative marketing agency, who is making a transition from his company to Seedify taking more and more responsibilities, another part time team member who is helping us with strategies for social media, social posts, and the creatives you have been seeing in our new tweets with the short-videos, and lastly one more member who is consistently working towards marketing relations full time.

Also besides these 3 new members in our marketing team, we also have some secret additions in our new formations, which needs to be hidden for now due to the strategies they are implementing for Seedify’s growth, and to not give out our competitive edges regarding strategies that need privacy.

With these new additions and a secret marketing team behind Seedify, we are aiming to have a defined marketing edge that will automatically bring many projects to Seedify, and a team that will focus on new collaborations and campaigns consistently to bring new community members and gamers; so the gaming projects we incubate and launch can reach highly successful outcomes for everyone.

Focusing on blockchain gaming will also come with many new collaboration opportunities with gaming youtubers, twitch streamers and the ability to unleash more creativity through gaming related campaigns.

All in all, we are truly excited to showcase a new where marketing will be a consistent, creative, focused core area of our business strategies, with the new additions to the team.

Product Management:

Regarding the product part to rebrand ourselves according to the needs of Blockchain Gaming and bring a great user experience, we have contracted a new design agency whose main focus area is gaming related projects (as mentioned in the last article).

Also regarding the 3 development teams we have been working with, we have moved 2 of those teams to completely focus on the Launchpad’s new features and improvements.

And currently we are also looking to hire a product manager whose sole job will be to manage the product aspect, so our community can always see a better version of the Launchpad and its side features for projects, holders, and newcomers who are adopting blockchain for the first time.

Regarding Incubated Projects:

On the incubated projects side; our ambassador, marketing, and business development teams, as well as our design agency will also be working hand in hand with gaming projects.

As you know, our first exclusive incubation is CryptoBlades Kingdoms, the sequel of the CryptoBlades game, with a new token called KING, whose sale will be exclusively on as a private sale and IDO.

We are currently focusing only CryptoBlades Kingdoms as an incubated project, from a variety of areas, to support CryptoBlades team make CBK a massive success. After CryptoBlades Kingdoms, we will be pushing more incubated projects, and continue to support the next teams and projects through the team’s efforts as well.

In the next phases, we will be also starting to look to add new members from the gaming industry to, for game concept development, game design, and other key roles that will enable us to support more than one exclusive incubated project at a time, besides the IDOs we will hold consistently in the blockchain gaming category.

P.S. in one of our next articles we will dive deeper and introduce you all our new team members with their specific backgrounds and skill sets included.

Let’s march towards a new together!

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