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Jul 19 · 7 min read

Hello fellow Community Members,

Today marks the day of an important change/evolution. As, when we started, our journey was about all sorts of innovations on blockchain to get the funds they need and become fundamentally stronger projects that will bring adoption, use cases and more.

While we were very passionate about supporting the blockchain revolution through our value propositions, quickly generalist fundraising projects became a highly saturated area compared to when we started. With over 30–40 launchpads who serve all project categories.

From a business standpoint, being in a highly saturated space is something that affects us negatively. And from a standpoint of bringing value to the blockchain space, we feel that with the current generalist mindset, without a focus area, we feel not as valuable as we did before.

Putting a band-aid to these realities was something we tried to do for the past month or two, however, we have also learned some hard truths about more and more disadvantages. First of all, if you wanted to be an unfocused / generalist innovation hub, which wanted to do great marketing in a negative market, your options were very low.

Most crypto influencers stopped getting paid promotions in these market conditions.

As a business who wants to grow both in good and bad market conditions, feeding our baby, became a big issue. Google ads, Facebook ads, and most influencer marketing opportunities out of the equation, the opportunities to grow in a bad market unfortunately shrinked.

On the other side of the coin, with new launchpads and fundraising projects launching consistently and making the space overcrowded, we wanted to find an area of focus where we are passionate about, where we believe in, which we can market easily, differentiate, and become a strong player for that certain category. Where we can turn the odds in our favor, and where we can really make an impact.

Also, this focus area had to be something we really understand, something we can make a difference in.

History of technology related projects, has many examples, in which businesses had to adapt to change, sometimes evolve, sometimes completely transform to survive and thrive. Twitter, PayPal, Groupon, Nintendo, Instagram, Pinterest, Airbnb, Youtube are all projects that had to transform themselves. These famous names that we all know, who became multi-billion dollar companies, are all examples of what we call as “pivots” in the tech world.

Their initial ideas, and value propositions were completely different from what you know of today. Twitter was a place where people could find and subscribe to podcasts, founders feared the company’s demise when iTunes became very popular, and they decided to drastically change and go with the idea of a status-updating micro-blogging that connects ideas of today. PayPal was a PDA payment beam. Groupon was a social fundraising platform. Nintendo was a generalist company who produced playing cards, vacuum cleaners, even instant rice. Instagram was a check-in app. Pinterest was a social network for shopping that connected retailers and customers.

Evolution itself is about change, it’s about growth, it’s not about being stagnant.

As Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change”.

Today, we want to announce that will focus on one, and only one area only as an innovation hub. And revolve all our use cases around one single category.

Blockchain Gaming — let us tell you why

Blockchain gaming is an area where innovation is just starting. There will be thousands of games to be produced connecting gaming and blockchain. It will also evolve gaming into its new phase, with players owning their items, earning through games, and much more immersive gameplay features.

Blockchain gaming is something that we understand. For example, the CryptoBlades Kingdoms game we announced recently, was produced as a game concept together with CryptoBlades founder and founder, which helped a significant up movement in user base, price, and awareness of CryptoBlades.

Blockchain gaming is something we are passionate about more than any other area in this space. We used to be avid gamers until work took over. We also understand how to create a game concept, what would entice people, what would be a good game vs a bad game. But for us blockchain gaming is more than work; it is creative, fun, and something we would like to use (play). We love every second spent on game projects.

Blockchain gaming will bring more users to blockchain than any other field. People who play games can easily adopt blockchain, especially if great games get produced. If we want more than 1 billion people to be on blockchain, gaming is the fastest area we can do that. So it is the area where we can make the most positive impact.

Blockchain gaming is something we can market much more effectively. In this space, we don’t have to rely just on crypto influencers, we can use gaming youtubers, twitch streamers, Facebook ads, Google ads, and anything that the marketing industry offers. Also we can be much more creative and completely change the gestalt on what we can do in terms of marketing. We know how to market something as long as there are no brick walls, and on blockchain gaming we won’t face these, due to the sheer number of gaming related influencers, streamers, and no bans on Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms.

Blockchain gaming is an area where we can become the top innovation hub. We can not say the same thing as a generalist hub, but if we seize the opportunities in this space, incubate great projects, launch great IDOs, and focus solely in this area, we can exponentially grow to become the best.

Blockchain gaming is not going to be stagnant in innovation. The variety of games that can be produced do not have any limits here. In many other spaces we can not say the same. So the amount of new games that can be incubated, and launched at our launchpad is up to how well we scale.

Blockchain gaming can produce bigger opportunities for our community too. Incubating great games, launching exclusive IDOs of games that will be played by hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people, has a chance to change our trajectory completely. Make a true success, in terms of financial projections, community benefits we can produce, and the impact we can create for gamers and the blockchain ecosystem.

So what’s next?

In effect from today,’s first main focus will be CryptoBlades Kingdoms as our first exclusively incubated project (with an exclusive IDO included). As for CryptoBlades Kingdoms, we are already working with the CryptoBlades team on many things, to top the charts, supporting it in many areas such as game concept, marketing, VC relations, visuals, tokenomics, website and other important areas.

Our aim is to reach a benchmark of producing the most played blockchain game there. CryptoBlades has an amazing team who have successfully executed their first game, many updates and more, and we believe our joint work in CryptoBlades Kingdoms can reach a benchmark in user adoption that will astound everyone.

This success story is the best way to start’s new phase, as a “blockchain gaming only” innovation hub.

We will also start contacting game developers to incubate new projects as exclusive incubated projects & IDOs with our business development team in the meantime, so we can start to design new game concepts with other developers and exclusively incubate them. So we can continue to push more games next to CryptoBlades Kingdoms, as new exclusive incubations and IDOs.

As well as create new marketing programs completely dedicated to enforcing our blockchain gaming innovation hub, while updating our branding with these value propositions, so rather than a generalist innovation hub, we can showcase as a focused, differentiated blockchain gaming hub.

Also, from each project that we incubate, we will be able to provide more upside to our community while also generating more funds to for marketing, hiring, and development of new value propositions. So we can stop using our operational pool, and completely become a self-sufficient business who can help many quality games.

The games we incubate here, will be coming with the 3% tokens that were promised in our seed funding mechanism. Some of those tokens will be used to grow, and others will be distributed to stakers. So in addition to the launchpad benefits we bring, becoming an incubator here will create more opportunities for our token holders. And yes, we have this system in place during the CryptoBlades Kingdoms incubation as well.

The more great games we can incubate, the more focused we become, the faster we will be able to rise again.

As a final note, while we will hold the IDOs that we promised to you guys for the rest of this month, from today’s announcement we will start to transform into a blockchain-gaming only innovation hub, update our whitepaper, website, and announce you guys every new step we are taking, just like we did before.

Returning back to something we are deeply passionate about, something we believe in more than any other category on blockchain, something we can market extensively, and focusing on one area that we can be very valuable at, will change the trajectory of

On to the next chapter!


Seedify is an incubator & launchpad platform for blockchain games and gamers. Through holding SFUND, become eligible to participate in Initial Game Offerings.

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Seedify is an incubator & launchpad platform for blockchain games and gamers. Through holding SFUND, become eligible to participate in Initial Game Offerings.