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Seedify Teams Up With The Grow Group To Bring Additional Value To SFUND Holders And Launch Partners

Hello, Seedify Community!

As you know, our Business Development experts are always busy behind the scenes looking for the best opportunities to add value to the Seedify community and the project teams who launch with us. We understand that to remain at the top of the game in a competitive space, we must constantly evolve and GROW…pardon the pun!

Content is key to garnering engagement and improving the service we offer. Whether it’s an exciting hype trailer for a new GameFi project, or an in-depth educational explainer that aims to help investors better understand the disruptive technologies we incubate, quality matters.

Today, we are happy to announce a strategic partnership with experienced production studio and marketing service provider, Grow. Through this collaboration, Seedify will be able to lean on a 40-strong team of creative talent, and our platform will benefit from high-quality educational content that will help foster stronger holders and more explosive launches.

This alliance will bring incredible added value to the project teams we work with by offering high-impact marketing of their products. Our early stage incubation teams will be able to leverage the expert advisory at Grow for support on their marketing campaigns, all whilst entertaining and educating our huge community at Seedify.

Grow is currently working with some shared launch partners and it is with these partners that we begin our collaboration. The huge upcoming launches of both Spark Era and SIDUS NFT HEROES will benefit from added content firepower, so watch out for some fresh, high-quality videos coming your way!

“It is with great pleasure that we are able to partner with the amazing team at Seedify in an effort to elevate their already stellar service. We have always believed collaboration is key in this market as it moves at such break-neck speed. If we try to go it alone in everything we do, it can be easy to lose pace and fall behind. Seedify has proven time and again that they know how to lead, evolve, and grow as the market forges forward. We feel the creative talent at Grow can be part of this perpetual evolution and even take it to places the SFUND community never imagined possible. We are all extremely excited to get started!”

Peter Carroll, Founder & CEO — The Grow Group

It is often hard to find the right content marketing partners in the blockchain ecosystem. Grow definitely stands out as a great value provider. We love their creative outputs and the extra interest they bring to projects through their out-of-the-box approaches. We will be collaborating with Grow team a lot more, to support the growth of blockchain games and metaverses that launch from Seedify.

Levent Cem Ayden, Founder & CEO — Seedify

About Grow

The Grow Group is an ecosystem of visionary solutions designed to incubate blockchain entrepreneurs, elevate understanding of the blockchain space, and accelerate real-world value for positive impact. With a core focus on educational content, Grow offers teams the ability to tell their story with clarity, fostering intelligent investment choices and long-term holding.

The Grow Group benefits from a global team, with offices in Dubai, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. To learn more, follow the links below:


About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

To learn more, please visit the links below:




Seedify is an incubator & launchpad platform for blockchain games and gamers. Through holding SFUND, become eligible to participate in Initial Game Offerings.

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