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Jul 10 · 5 min read

Hello Seedify.fund Community!

We are excited to be hosting WIZARD.Financial as the first IDO on the Seedify.fund Launchpad. Today we want to share an article with a bit more information on the upcoming IDO and the Wizard platform.

If thou art a fantasy or retro game lover then search no further. Behold thine magical adventure has arrived, in which thee, as a Wizard will be able to earn exquisite rewards. The nostalgic, pixelated look and feel of this game will certainly make thee reminisce about the magical moments in retro video games thou enjoyed and lived through as a young gamer in thy years of youth.

Start thy nostalgic exploration journey in search of hidden magical treasures and begin your quest to become a true dragonslayer in this story based blockchain game, where achievements will earn you NFTs that can be traded and sold in the market.

The Wizard Platform

WIZARD is a first-of-a-kind fantasy token and NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain, utilizing blockchain to combine cryptocurrency and games to offer its participating community multiplied rewards. Fantasy lovers and NFT artists will be able to create and trade NFTs, explore dungeons in the WIZARD farms and earn rewards and EXP in games, through participation.


The first token of the WIZARD fantasy series features a stellar smart contract and magical tokenomics, including an anti-dragon (anti-whale) system, a redistributive rewards system, auto burn feature, a charity wallet and Automated Market Making while also offering DeFi features that both fantasy gamers and tech-enthusiast investors will appreciate.

Tokenomics and Vesting

Token Type: BEP 20

Total Supply: 2 000 000

Game Funding: 5% ( 10% released at TGE, rest 1 year)

IDO: 35% (60% at TGE)

Liquidity: 35% (20% at TGE, then within first 6 months after launch)

Team and Advisors: 10% (N/A TGE, 10% release every 3 months):

Ecosystem and Marketing: 15% (20% at TGE, rest over 5 months)

Wizard.Financial IDO at Seedify.fund Launchpad :

Wizard.financial allocation to Seedify.fund Launchpad: 200.000 tokens
Raise: 100k USD
Vesting: 60% at TGE, rest after 1 month
IDO price: 0.50 USD — Listing price: 0.55 USD
Marketcap at listing: About 270k USD

IDO timeline;

14th July 1PM UTC to 5PM UTC: First Rounds for all tiers where lottery winners of t1, and guaranteed tiers of t2 and t3 will have the timeframe to buy their allocation caps:

14th July 11PM UTC to 15th July 1 PM UTC: Second Rounds for remaining tokens that are not bought (First Come First Serve open for all tiers)
IDO entry requirements:

Tier 3: 10.000 SFUND tokens (guaranteed allocation)

Tier 2: 1.000 SFUND tokens (guaranteed allocation)

Tier 1: 100 SFUND tokens (lottery based, lottery results will be announced prior to IDO start)

Snapshot timeframe: 12th of July 1 AM UTC until end of IDO
KYC: Anyone who wants to participate in IDOs on the Seedify.fund Launchpad is required to complete the KYC process through the Blockpass platform:


Note: KYCs need to be approved in order for your snapshot to work. Please give the address that you hold/farm/stake your SFUNDs in the field of Ethereum address within Blockpass form. Ethereum addresses and BEP20 addresses are the same that starts with 0x.

Listing time: 15th of July 16:30 UTC
Distribution: TGE tokens will be distributed right after listing (60%), rest after 1 month from listing

Token Use Case:

The WIZARD token features multiple use cases within the Wizard Ecosystem, including; NFT Marketplace currency, liquidity, yield farming, in game participation, community rewards and charity.

Tax and Burn Mechanisms:

The WIZARD token includes an initial 4 percent tax, which is equally divided between auto-yield, burn, charity and AMM. Auto-yield, distributes 1% to token holders, 1% gets sent to the charity wallet, 1% is used to maintain liquidity while 1% is auto-burned.

WIZARD is a deflationary token, starting with a total supply of 2 million, with the goal of reducing that supply by half through the auto-burn mechanism. As each of the burn milestones set forth in the whitepaper is reached, the tax is reduced. When a minimum supply of 1 million WIZARD tokens is reached, the tax no longer decreases and token burns will cease. (The minimum supply threshold may increase, based on community voting)

NFTs and Marketplace

The high quality pixel art Wizard NFTs will range from single wizard idle animations to fully animated parallax background animations and will include different series of multi-themed exclusive one of a kind fantasy NFTs, with the most magical ones providing benefits in various games.

The NFT marketplace will give artists the opportunity to mint NFTs using their own art creations and sell them on the Wizard Marketplace.

Community (Guild)

The WIZARD Community will influence which wizards appear in future games, with each wizard having a full set of individual creations released as a batch for the guild members to collect or trade.

More Info:

The WIZARD explorable platforming website will reveal crypto treasures and games, as players navigate their Wizard through the secret magical world hidden beneath the easy-to-use interface, featuring fluid story progression.

New story lines, characters, locations, creatures and games will be introduced with influence from the community.

For more information please check out the WIZARD.financial website and whitepaper (https://wizard.financial/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/WIZARD-Whitepaper.pdf)

WIZARD links:

Telegram: https://t.me/wizard_financial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIZARD_BSC

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dfKrgACzHx

Medium: https://medium.com/@wizardtokenofficial

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