Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the overall outlook of a company. The logo or brand mark speaks a lot about your company’s identity and image. When you see the logo of Chicken Republic or Mr. Biggs or the likes anywhere, what usually come to your mind almost nearly immediately? FOOD! You know that you can grab something to eat when you see these logos anywhere. That is the power of branding.

It is important that the logo be kept simple so that at a glance people can relate with your company just by sight, just as they think of food when they look at the logo of the popular restaurants.

With this in mind we created the very simple logo for our startup. With tools such as squarespace, designing a logo was a piece of cake. I have learned not to spend so much time on design if you have the tools to do them faster. You can gain more time to use on other important things.

The logo done, the landing page done too (though it took some more time), and thanks to feedback from the other teams, we were able bring out a new brand in a matter of hours. This is so opposite to what I used to think (spend a lot of time so that it comes out perfect).

The obvious next step is to get people to test the brand. And with social media, We are good to go.

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