Note to Self: You are not going into battle. You are not facing a firing squad. These people you are talking to are all decent, interesting folks. They’d help you in your life’s journey.

It’s kinda exhausting, this lagos life tho’. While it may seem like you should squeeze as many extra minutes of sleep out of the morning as possible, the opposite is usually true as you need to get out and get going to beat the traffic…but then you’re stuck in it.

So while I make and take Du Bois statement to his daughter personal,

“Don’t shrink from new experiences and custom. Take the cold bath bravely. Enter into the spirit of your big bed-room. Enjoy what is and not pine for what is not. Read some good, heavy, serious books just for discipline: Take yourself in hand and master yourself. Make yourself do unpleasant things, so as to gain the upper hand of your soul. Above all remember: your father loves you and believes in you and expects you to be a wonderful woman.”

My dad called this morning and said more…he thanked me for accepting to challenge myself and be a better man.

Well lucnhtime is now up, So I’d say to myself, “ Brace yourself. It’s about to get awkward…”

Hello Horatiu is that you in the background? :)

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