Meet Texel, the Moscow startup building the world’s first engaging 3D scanner

We sat down with our Seedstars Moscow Winner Texel Portal. CEO Maxim Fedyukov gives us an inside look at the story behind his startup.

What brought you to be an entrepreneur? Tell us about your adventure.

It all started in 2007 with my PhD thesis on building 3D human models from images. I simply wanted to create something not just scientifically advanced, but that would be really useful for people. Sergey Klimentyev, our Business Development Lead, started constructing 3D scanner prototypes at home before we met. Andrey Poskonin, our CTO, was looking for a job where he could unlock his full potential of mathematician who graduated with honors, PhD alumnus of system programming department, advanced hobbyist in electronics and specialist with 7 years of experience in computer graphics. Andrey Kudryavtsev, our rocket scientist, officially a.k.a. chief engineering officer, has spent the last 8 years mastering his engineering skills at a state spacecraft plant, and was looking to transition from a nine-to-five life to a rapidly evolving startup. So here we have great synergy of multi-talented people, working ten times more efficiently and faster than we were before we met.

Describe your company in a Tweet (140 characters)

Portal — world’s first engaging 3D scanner.

What is your traction since winning at Seedstars Moscow?

Recently we were named one of the top Moscow innovations and were invited to join the Moscow Government’s booth at Open Innovations, the largest technological event in Russia. During the exhibition our Portal was also visited by top officials including Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow. Now our Portals are opening in Moscow parks and wedding palaces, to contribute to the city’s innovative image and attractiveness. We work hard, but I’m sure now we find help easier thanks to our new status of the selected company to represent Russia at an international competition.

What tip would you give to someone aspiring to be an entrepreneur?

Труд без пользы — то же безделье, as a Russian proverb says. Work that doesn’t lead to a useful outcome is no better than doing nothing at all. So remember to frequently ask people if there is value in what you are working on.

Tell us one interesting fact about your country.

Despite a stereotype of Russians as gloomy people, we have great startup community here.And according to recent research by Compass, Russia’s startup ecosystem of entrepreneurial talent is rated #2 in the world, right after Silicon Valley.

Who is your role model?

The man (or mayhap several men) who wrote The Tale of Igor’s Campaign, without care of glory, earning praise for great poetry or saving his name in history, just following his passion to make the world around him a better place, influence leaders’ mindsets and change the life of people.

Portal will join 54 other top startups from the emerging markets at the Seedstars Summit in Geneva on March 3, 2016. Get your tickets now!

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