Bruce Wilcox, Natural Language User Interface Expert, Joins SEED Vault Advisory Board

We are happy to announce Bruce Wilcox, creator of the natural language open-source platform ChatScript, and four-time winner of the Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence, will join Seed as an advisor on Conversational User Interfaces (CUI).

SEED, and the CUIs it helps bring to market, represent the next paradigm shift poised to change the way we interact with computers, AI systems, and data services. As computing grows ever more personal, CUIs will serve as a simple, spoken, natural way to communicate and control AIs in the form of chatbots and avatars that perform tasks such as booking ride services, scheduling meetings, and interacting with the Internet of Things.

Bruce Wilcox commented, “At a time when more and more companies are investing in chatbot services to automate everything from healthcare to customer service, to work with Nathan Shedroff, Mark Meadows of Botanic, and the team at SEED is immensely exciting. The future of bots lies with creating persistent conversations, and expressing meaning in ever more sophisticated ways.”

According to Nathan Shedroff, SEED CEO, “We’re already seeing global companies assemble teams to tackle bot technology, commercialize that product, and in the process capitalize on the large amounts of user data they collect. Working with Bruce, a recognized leader in the field of open source natural language systems, will help us build a community-driven CUI solution, which is accessible to developers and users, not just controlled by a small number of internet giants. By using blockchain technology to ensure A.I. bots are authenticated, we plan to help users better understand the AI systems that are increasingly influencing their day-to-day lives.”


SEED is an independent, decentralized marketplace for developers and deployers of conversational user interfaces (CUIs). The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and network for deploying front-ends to AI technologies.

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