SEED #20: Danit Gal Q&A

By Nathan Shedroff, CEO • Issue #20 • View online

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Introducing SEED Trustee Danit Gal

We are pleased to introduce you to Danit Gal, SEED Trustee and Project Assistant Professor at the Cyber Civilization Research Center at the Keio University Global Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

Danit will work with the SEED team on strategy, as well as assist the team in navigating the international nature of AI, ethics and decentralized projects.

Read the Q&A with Danit Gal here »

SEED Announces Partnership with

We are excited to announce that SEED, Botanic and are partnering to improve recruitment by leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence and conversational user interface technology. is a company that is reinventing recruitment for companies and candidates using blockchain and rewards. And Botanic, a close existing partner with SEED, builds innovative chatbots that provide an interface into powerful AI systems.

Nathan Shedroff, Co-founder and CEO of SEED said, “ is disrupting recruiting with blockchain and rewards. We are excited to provide SEED’s platform as the foundation upon which trusted, next-generation bots can exist on the blockchain. And working with Botanic will be a natural extension of our longtime existing relationship.”

Read the full partnership announcement here »

Interesting News and Links

Could an artificial intelligence be considered a person under the law?

Humans and corporations have been granted rights of free speech and religion. What about AI systems?

A Future Where Everything Becomes a Computer Is as Creepy as You Feared

Farhad Manjoo thinks through what it means when so many objects around us are “smart.”

5 Obstacles to Chatbot User Adoption & How to Overcome Them

Casey Phillips from Intuit offers some sensible ways to encourage chatbot adoption on your site or app.

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