SEED and Haptik join forces to develop the future of conversational interfaces.

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Jun 26, 2018 · 4 min read

Q&A With Haptik CEO & Co-founder Aakrit Vaish

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Aakrit Vaish, CEO & Co-founder of Haptik

SEED, the platform for a decentralized Conversational User Interface (CUI) bot economy, and Haptik, the leading conversational AI platform in India, have entered into a strategic partnership to promote best practices and share insights. Together, SEED and Haptik will participate in blockchain solutions within CUI ecosystems and encourage community members’ participation in Seed Vault’s token initiatives. SEED is thrilled to have Haptik on board and contributing its expertise and thought leadership as we build new opportunities for developers to create and deploy CUIs.

We thought this partnership provides a great opportunity to introduce Aakrit Vaish, CEO & Co-founder of Haptik, and ask him what’s on his mind concerning the future of bots, CUIs, and how a partnership with SEED can accelerate the coming bot economy.

Q: What potential do you see in a SEED and Haptik partnership?

At Haptik we believe in having a community of bot companies and developers that can share best practices. The only way a new industry grows is if everyone contributes to it. Haptik has been in the conversational AI space for close to five years now and we are excited about working with SEED to grow the ecosystem.

Q: Tell us a bit about Haptik, and what it brings to the table.

Haptik is one of the world’s largest conversational AI platforms. With a reach of close to 30 million devices, we have processed over a billion interactions to date. Haptik has helped enterprises leverage the power of AI to automate critical business processes like Concierge, Customer Support, Lead Generation and E-commerce. The company has raised close to $15m since its inception in 2013 and counts Samsung, Coca Cola, Future Group, Club Mahindra, and Tata Docomo among its largest customers.

The personal assistant app, Haptik

Q: What sort of experience and assets will Haptik be contributing.

We are in a unique position having built a business in every area of Conversational AI. We have built direct-to-consumer apps, an end-to-end bot management platform, as well as enterprise applications. We have product managers in all areas who are eager to contribute their expertise and learnings in these areas as applicable.

Q: What was it about the SEED platform that attracted you?

We started building conversational interfaces five years back, way before they were “cool” and there was so much interest in the space. At that time we felt fairly lonely in our pursuit, and lacking in a community for the industry to share insights. I was thrilled to hear about SEED, the purpose and people behind it. Finally we have a platform for the bot community to come together and learn from each other. I believe the timing couldn’t get better. The first wave of “hype” around conversational interfaces is behind us and we are now starting to see some real applications at scale.

SEED’s open and decentralized marketplace for CUIs

Q: How will Haptik benefit from a partnership with SEED?

We look forward to working with the community and SEED Token to understand how the space is evolving in different parts of the world. We hope to have bot developers use our platform and give us critical feedback. This will also give us the opportunity to get connected to potential enterprises who can become our customers in the future.

Q: Looking over the horizon, what do you see coming concerning the development of conversational bots?

I believe there are two fundamental challenges with the chatbot paradigm:

  1. Absence of an inherent organic distribution platform. Websites had the browser, mobile apps had app stores. We need something similar for bots. Facebook Messenger has tried to become that platform, but with not much success. However, this is finally changing. With WhatsApp opening up their Enterprise APIs and new channels like Alexa, and Google Assistant emerging, we are at the inflection point for bots.
  2. The idea that bots can do “everything”. The expectation with chatbots have been misaligned to be like a “Jarvis world” where you ask anything, and it will answer anything. However, the truth is that bots are really really good at simple use cases for which websites and apps are too cumbersome. They are good at solving specific problems end-to-end rather than be a one stop open-ended communication channel. I am happy to see that bot developers and enterprises across the world are realizing this and working towards the next wave of chatbot applications that have a greater chance of success.

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with SEED, please contact Thomas Schulz on LinkedIn.


SEED is an independent, decentralized marketplace for developers and deployers of conversational user interfaces (CUIs). The Seed platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and network for deploying front-ends to AI technologies.

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