Trent McConaghy of Ocean Protocol Joins Seed Vault Advisory Board

We are honoured to announce that Trent McConaghy is joining Seed as an advisor to support us in our mission to use blockchain to create the world’s first independent bot economy. He will work with the Seed team to advise on areas including technology development, business strategy, token economics and industry partnerships.

Trent brings some truly incredible experience to the team. He is a widely recognised authority on AI and decentralisation and is counted amongst the small group of people in this area that you’d describe as visionary. Trent first started A.I. reading and hacking in the early 90s and has gone one to launch a range of leading start-ups. These include decentralised database BigchainDB, as well as of course his latest venture, Ocean Protocol, which is focused on democratising data by delivering a decentralised data economy for Artificial Intelligence. He has also managed to find the time to publish a PhD on AI along the way.

Trent said: The team behind Seed Vault have been working for decades to advance conversational interfaces and to improve the experience of interacting with AI. Nathan, Mark, the team at Seed Vault and I share a very similar vision on what’s needed for AI to deliver a more autonomous economy and a better world. With Ocean Protocol we’re democratizing data with an open marketplace, which is the starting point for AI. Seed Vault is democratising the interfaces we will all increasingly use to access AI with its decentralised marketplace for bots. We’re tackling slightly different areas of the stack but it’s with a shared purpose of harnessing decentralisation to make AI happen in a more equitable way…”

There is much work ahead of us; from technology development to forging new industry partnerships, but gradually, the combination of blockchain and A.I. is unleashing a fundamental power shift between internet giants and developers, and we believe that is a good thing.

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